The Sorting Hat


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When I was younger, I identified as a Ravenclaw - But now, after officially being sorted into Hufflepuff on every quiz site, I am a PROUD Hufflepuff (married a Ravenclaw-go figure).


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I've been a Slytherin from day 1!! Pottermore sorted me into it also, but I didn't need them to tell me what I already knew ;)
The older I get, though, I've found myself hovering more on the Slytherin-Hufflepuff cusp?? I feel like they're very similar houses, for all they're kind of posed as opposites (Salazar was all about purity and Helga thought everyone deserved a chance to learn), but I think the way they both appreciate loyalty and want to go far in life is very telling, and that it's just their methodology that sets them apart.