The Sorting Hat


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When I was younger, I identified as a Ravenclaw - But now, after officially being sorted into Hufflepuff on every quiz site, I am a PROUD Hufflepuff (married a Ravenclaw-go figure).


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I've been a Slytherin from day 1!! Pottermore sorted me into it also, but I didn't need them to tell me what I already knew ;)
The older I get, though, I've found myself hovering more on the Slytherin-Hufflepuff cusp?? I feel like they're very similar houses, for all they're kind of posed as opposites (Salazar was all about purity and Helga thought everyone deserved a chance to learn), but I think the way they both appreciate loyalty and want to go far in life is very telling, and that it's just their methodology that sets them apart.


Every one of the various sorting hats on multiple sites have placed me in Gryffindor -- But quite frankly, I think I'm better suited to Hufflepuff...


I am definitely Slytherin. It is the ambition thing. I'd like to think I have elements of Ravenclaw... but that is the Slytherin in me trying to look more prestigious than I am lol.
We all have elements of other houses... all traits are somehow connected to the other houses’ traits. I’m Gryffindor though. None of th tests have showed in anything else, :)