Susan Bones and Ernie Macmillan's Compartment

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"Susan and I are taking a lot of classes this year." Ernie explained.
"Yes," Susan replied. "I have big shoes to fill what with my family being in the Ministry and all. What subjects are you taking this year?"

Explain to Ernie and Susan which subjects you'll be taking and give a little bit of background on your family.
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Hello Susan and Ernie! I'm Mandrake but you can call me Drake. I am Theseus Scamander's grandson. Yes Newt is my Great Uncle. I'm more into Herbology and Potions than dealing with Magical Creatures. I'm taking the base courses along with Runes.


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Hey Susan! Hey Ernie! I'm taking all the core subjects (since I got all Outstandings) and Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies (even though I'm Muggle-born)