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Hello, I created this thread to post things that are worth sharing that your siblings have done. I'll go first, I just heard my brother say "A washing maching just threw up on me". I'm sure this thread will be entertaining

My brother: “I died... a lot” (isn’t very funny tho)

My brother when he was younger: *hits his head a lot* (Like, A LOT)

My brother In present day: *does high school math when he’s in second grade*

Me: :cautious:


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My sister is possibly the most impossible person to ever deal with. Every heard of someone with 3 faces yeah she reminds me a bit of fluffy. She can be rude and annoying and demanding of me, then she can pretend she wasn’t rude and start being all sweet with her puppy did eyes and her little baby faces, then whenever we’r with our almost stepsisters she acts as if they’re her blood relatives and I’m the step sister.

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One time my *older* sister and I were having a conversation about height and I said something about the doctor saying I was only going to grow to be 5'4. Then my sis said, "Wow, you're only going to be a bit over 5 inches tall." and then I was like, "No, I'm going to be a bit over 5 feet tall." and then she said,
"No, 5 inches tall, [insert name here]" l
And I said, "How much do you think an inch is?" and then she said "well, like less than half my arm."
And I just slapped myself on the forehead, not believing me sister's stupidity.

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One time one my sisters, let's call them sis 1 and sis 2, was buying a desk. She was looking at them online and there was one she liked, but she didn't how long it was. The discription said it was 3 feet. She asked sis 2 for help, but she didn't know. Then she asked me for help and I said, "Well, 3 feet are a yard. So it's a yard long." And they just blinked, not understanding what a yard was. Then sis 1 asked, "How long is that?"
Then I said that it was as long as the window in sis 1's room was tall. And they started saying "You're so smart, how did you know that?"
And I slapped my hand on my forehead.

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Lucky, the way my life’s headed I’m gonna have like 8 siblings, granted most of them are step siblings and soon to be step siblings but the way I see it my family is going to be bigger than the Weasley family
I have three almost step-siblings and two sisters.
Mine is slightly smaller than the Weasley family. And instead of all of them being boys and just one girl, it's the other way around.