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I've been reading fan fiction for ages and I am absolutely obsessed with the marauders (and Sirius Black in particular) so, naturally, I decided my first fan fiction had to be about the marauders' last two years of school. I tried to keep main known events canon (for example, Lily shouting at James she wouldn't date him if it was a choice between him and the giant squid at the end of O.W.L. year) but one of the main characters is OC so there's a couple of things that may not be 100% accurate.

Title: EPIC
Ships: James/Lily, Sirius/OC
Genre: action/adventure, romance, young adult
Status: WIP
Rating: Mature (but only certain chapters)
Advisory: Contains profanity, mild violence, scenes of sexual nature, substance abuse
I hope you enjoy it.


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I've finally finished the edits and rewrite of my post-battle story. My first novel-length story to be marked as "complete" on this site.

Title: Grave Days
Cast: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, the Weasleys, the D.A.
Genres: Drama, Fluff, General, Humour, Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst.
Status: Complete
Rating: 15+
Advisory: Mild Violence, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature.
Summary: The Battle of Hogwarts is over. The road to the epilogue, to nineteen years later, begins the following day. The war may be over, but those first days are filled with grief and funerals.
Link: Grave Days

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Title-A Brand New World
Rating: M
A young girl disappeared two years ago without a trace from Hogwarts leaving her Boyfriend, Harry Potter, in a desperate search for her. Two years later a muggle American teenager with a serious case of hallucinations about a young man from a fictional series, is seemly randomly attacked by the Dark Lord at her house sending her life in a spin of past lies and new truth.
Ship(s)-Harry Potter/OC
Any warnings/-Scenes of a sexual nature,Sensitive Topic, Spoilers, Strong Violence, Contains profanity