September 2019

Ashley Marie

Staff member
I wanted to revamp our writing prompts by offering more choices this time around. We'd love to seem how you use these prompts in your current works of fanfiction, or if they inspire you to write one-shots or even novella length fanfiction stories.

1. Suddenly, everything turned dark and cold.

2. You're on a plane, having ordered your first drink, when the pilot's panicked voice begins to shriek over the speakers.

3. You've been finding ominous notes around your apartment. Before long, you find out they're from your socially awkward but super hot neighbor. This would be awesome one else on your floor seems to have seen this neighbor before, and you're really trying to figure out how they got in to leave the notes in the first place.

4. The flowers your ex lover gave you were pressed between the pages of your favorite book. Today, you happened upon said book when you weren't even looking for it. What happens next? What emotions are you feeling?

5. You've been dreaming of a lover for months, meet them at a cafe and it all feels like deja vu.

6. Your dog has been barking at a blank wall for days, suddenly, you notice fingerprints that weren't there before.

7. The scary story that evoked the most fear in you as a child is coming true.

8. You find out that your boyfriend's dad is responsible for a string of 'unsolved' murders around town.

9. It's your wedding day and you're about to put on your dream dress...describe this moment.

10. It's your 30th birthday, and you woke up in an unfamiliar home with a spouse and children instead of in your apartment with the hangover you were anticipating.