Ashley Marie

Staff member
Within the Harry Potter realm, fans across the world were able to connect to students and professors at Hogwarts. It allowed all of us to leave our piece of reality and dive into a world with magic, love, and even some mayhem. Within the realm, we all connected to students and professors differently. Some of us related to the 'villain' while others found themselves feeling more like the 'good guys/girls'. We found ourselves in their stories, we channeled their strength, and we found solace in their struggles - knowing we weren't alone in ours.

We want to bring those characters to life within our forum, and we want your help to do it! You've probably noticed comments from the likes of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger around the forum, along with a few other of Hogwarts' most loved (and hated). While we're taking on those roles currently, we want to switch them out with you as well.

We only ask a few things in doing so:

  1. Be kind. Of course, if your character is snarky - embrace it, but be kind to one another. Don't use this as an opportunity for hate, please!
  2. Interact! If you see stories recommended that involve your character - give feedback. You don't have to use the lounge only as a place to chat, use the entire forum!
  3. Bring a piece of yourself to the role. We want these characters to have the basic characteristics as they do in Rowling's realm, but we want them to change a little bit depending on who's playing them at the time.
  4. Ask questions, make jokes, embrace the opportunity! This is a chance to have fun and do something we've not yet done before on our forum. Sometimes a cloak of anonymity lets you show sides of yourself you would usually keep hidden.
That's all we've got for now, as these characters grow, we'd love your input on how to make this more interactive/fun/exciting for all of us.