POV In Fanfiction

Ashley Marie

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Here's a quick reminder on the differences between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd POV. We'll also share resources helpful for finding tips, hints, etc. on writing in the author’s choice POV.

1st Person POV

A story, told by the narrator. These stories are limited as being told by the character writing the story. It’s less all-encompassing.

2nd Person POV

A story told directly to ‘you’. This style is not common in fanfiction.

3rd Person POV
“He/She His/Hers They/Theirs”

A story about he, she, or they. This is the most common type of writing in fanfiction. The author is able to tap into characters, their experiences, their thoughts, and their characteristics as necessary.

What point of view do you most commonly use while writing fanfiction? What tips do you have for other authors who are writing in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person POV in their own stories?


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I generally use third person for fanfiction, but sometimes I will use first person for original stories.

When using first person, it's important to take ownership of the main character's narrative. The reader should always know more about their thoughts and feelings, but know little about the thoughts and feelings about others. The opposite is true for third person. You may not understand their thoughts and feelings quite as much as you would for a first person story, but you have more insight into all involved parties.

Ashley Marie

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I love reading third person fanfiction most, but there have been a few first-person stories that captivated me!
I think maybe 1st person can be difficult to do well, because it's just too easy to get caught up in a character's thoughts vs. actually describing what's going on in the story. I've read one 1st person POV that was done extremely well, and that author made sure to keep the thought-monologue to a minimum and describe clearly their reactions to what was happening in the story in a realistic way--i.e., short sentences for surprise, longer sentences when they were bored, etc.

Lady Maven

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I have typically written third person, but I wanted to challenge myself. My five-part Stars series is all done first person, with a new character each book. It has really made me step back and tell the story using ONLY what that character could conceivably know or would have had a valid reason to be told.

Blue Kat

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I'm definitely in the minority here, but first person tends to be my default for writing. It's always come the most naturally to me, I suppose, and there's a certain emotional intimacy that I find harder to achieve with third person.