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Another issue I run into when writing fanfiction is an over-saturation of my desired topic. For instance, I LOVE Christmas, and I find myself wanting to write teeth-rottingly sweet stories this time of year, but I don't want to write something that's been read over and over. Of course, every writer puts their own spin on any type of story, but I worry that if someone is reading 5 of the same 'type' of story, when they hit the 6th, they'll move on to something else.

How do you put your own spin on a popular plot that makes your work stand out?


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It depends on a specific situation.

If you look at 'Cindarella', this can be done so many ways (and has been in movies). It's not always a Prince and a Commoner. Its the Popular guy and the nobody knows girl or unpopular girl (or vice versa). You can make that into a perfect Dramione even.

But mostly, If I'm after romance I binge any and every romance because its the love and fluff I'm after.


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For one-shots, sometimes I'll go for a lesser-explored character, which already adds something a bit new. For example, you probably wouldn't think of a sweet Christmas story and Bellatrix, so by keeping her in character, you may make it a bit comical but also adds a unique spin.

Another way to make it unique is to avoid some of the normal venues or "Christmasy" emotions. Adding a sad or bittersweet element can give the story more depth and remove it from your everyday "they met at the Christmas dance with bright eyes and bushy tails" type plot. Sometimes, it's really as easy as putting the characters somewhere strange - like that very human thing where a character is stuck at work on Christmas; this also gives you a simple venue and a conversation-starter. Like "I have a reason to be here on Christmas, but why are you here?" Or what if someone accidentally Floo'd to the wrong grate trying to get to their family's house!

Plus, it's good to remember that there's nothing wrong with a cliche holiday plot. Hallmark and Lifetime rake in the big bucks writing the same three Christmas movie plots over and over and over again - and people love them! ;)