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One Step Closer by @darsynia follows the story of Hermione as an adoptive mom, and not in a way she ever expected. On her journey, she's forced to face 'truths' that she's seeing a new side of now. She also examines feelings she wasn't sure what to do with. It's a great read, with a wonderful storyline that you'll have a hard time stepping away from.


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Oh thank you so much! I really am so proud of how this story turned out. From the beginning of writing it, I was trying to force myself to face head-on my struggle with how Remus Lupin was portrayed in the final book of the Harry Potter series. Not that I thought his characterization was faulty, just that I was torn up about how much he'd been forced to deal with, especially as my favorite character. So this story was my love letter to Book Remus, trying to bring Book Remus into line with my vision of who Remus really is.

Here is an excerpt of the story. As a set up, Hermione has raised Teddy Lupin as her own son since the final battle two years ago. Teddy's father Remus's body was nowhere to be found after the battle, and Hermione has been searching for the man she'd secretly loved for those two years. A few days prior to this scene, Hermione found a letter taped to her front door from a person named Arawa who says she knows where Remus is, alive. In the letter, Arawa makes the assumption that Hermione is Teddy's mother and Remus's wife:

When Hermione had first taken Teddy, the only place she could sleep was outside his door, leaning against it as though she could support the whole world at her back. She’d slept there for months, long enough that the thin layer of hardwood on the floor of that hallway had started to wear away. Teddy loved the rug she’d let him pick out for that doorway, and Hermione appreciated its softness now as she sat in her familiar spot, transfixed by the letter she’d read countless times in the past hour. She traced her fingers across the ink of his name, then of hers.

The initial flush of embarrassment and shame was finally fading. His wife! Hermione understood completely why Arawa would make that assumption, given what she’d seen. It was perfectly understandable, and utterly wrong. Still, something about the way the other witch had written so frankly about her brother and their pack family out there in the wilderness made Hermione inclined to trust her. Maybe it was as easy as explaining her fruitless crush?

Hermione groaned, stopping herself just in time from voicing it loudly enough to wake Teddy.

What had she been thinking? Even if she could explain away her feelings to this woman, what in Merlin’s name will she do when they persuaded Remus to come back? Teddy called her Mummy, for goodness’ sake! Hermione got up and walked over to her own doorway, burying her face in the corner like a punished child. The cold of the wallpaper felt soothing against her flaming cheeks. In all of her plans, her copious notes, maps, and lists, how had she missed this? This would always have been the outcome if she were to find him, wasn’t it?

Stepping back, Hermione covered her face with her hands. Even this was unhelpful, as when she opened her eyes she saw the fake wedding band she wore. Mortified, she started to remove it, but she didn’t have the moral strength to complete the action. It wouldn’t matter to Remus that she’d worn it to protect Teddy from the wizards determined to rescue the heroine who’d been one of the famed Golden Trio. Remus was a private person--the most private she’d ever known--and Teddy bore his last name, for Merlin’s sake! Of course anyone who met them would assume she was his wife.

‘Brightest witch of her age, my arse!’ she told herself harshly. Selfish and thoughtless, more like.