Nymphadora Tonks

Honestly, I don't even know where to start here. The fact remains that Tonks is a very minor character that is mostly used by Rowling as a comic-relieve or a plot-device. From the main books, we know very little about her.

I think, what drew me to her at first were the tiny things. She is a Hufflepuff. She is a very positive person who makes us laugh through Order of the Phoenix. She has a cool ability I wish I had. She is sharp but not in an obvious way. She is a disowned Black and has many known direct connections (Malfoys, Sirius and Regulus, Lestranges). She is Lupin's love interest (and Lupin is my top 1 favourite character).

Then, these tiny things started turning into ideas. I started thinking about the possibilities you have with a character like her and got really mad because she could have a bigger role even in Harry's POV. Off the top of my head:

1. She's the daughter of the only (known?) close relative that Sirius would talk to after he left his parents' place. Additimitedly, Andromeda was his favourite cousin. That means Sirius probably knew Tonks and, since James was family to Sirius, there is a big chance that the Tonks might have known Harry at least a bit;

2. She is Draco's first cousin. Andromeda's disownment happened several years before Draco and Harry were born, but I can totally imagine Narcissa and Lucius talking about Andromeda's "shameful marriage". What would have happened if Tonks and Draco crossed paths when Tonks was patrolling at Hogwarts in Half-Blood Prince? The possibilities...

So, yeah, Tonks is this amazing Hufflepuff character who might have had a background arc that we don't know about since we only see through Harry's eyes. If Rowling had made an effort, tiny as it may, she could have had a major role. Still... even as a minor character, she is a pretty cool one.


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A great character who had a lot more to offer in my opinion, especially in her role as an Auror and as a Metamorphmagus. For the most part, especially in the movies, they only ever used that as a comic relief type thing, but when you think about it if she was relatively strong, which it seems she was, then she could have been invaluable as a spy or agent for the Order. I think they mentioned it that one time she pretended to be an old man when they took Harry to the station? in OOTP, but definitely could've been used more I felt and had more to give the plot/Harry.