Neville, Harry, Ron - August 2019


After spending so much time with Mandrakes in their second year, the group of Gryffindor students was certain that they would never hear something so high-pitched again. Alas, they were wrong.

Not only had the Fat Lady decided to start a singing career well past her prime, but her friend Violet began to sing along with her most days. The two of them always chose to belt out a tone-deaf duet any chance they could, and to them, students were nothing more than a captive audience.

"Buttered rum!" Seamus shouted.

"Wait a moment, will you?" the Fat Lady snapped. She cleared her throat and went back to singing, though she did not seem to be saying any actual words. Instead, she kept making crude noises in what some might say was meant to be a scale. To Seamus, it sounded like the series of noises a cat might make after it ate something particularly foul.

"Is she at it again?" Ron asked, taking the last few steps two at a time. Neville trailed closely behind him.

"She's been doing this every day," Dean Thomas pointed out.

"Let me try," Harry said, taking a confident step forward. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by one of Violet's screeches. "Oh God! I think she's burst my eardrums!"

"First time I ever wished to have a dorm in the dungeons with the Slytherins," Ron muttered, covering his ears. "At least they don't have her."

"You do have to let us in, you know!" Hermione exclaimed. "Seamus had the password. I heard him!"

"Ah, but first, listen to this!" the Fat Lady countered. She let out a bloodcurdling note and sighed, contently. "Surely, you're glad to have stuck around for that."

"Yes, you sound like a bloody angel," Ron snarled. "Now will you please let us in?"

"Fine!" The portrait swung open. "Don't you come looking for any favors when Vi and I win the Most Talented Portraits competition in June!"

Seamus and Ron exchanged looks as they stepped through the portrait hole.

"Is anyone gonna tell her Peeves made up that whole competition?" Ron hissed, settling by the fireplace.

"Hope so. I reckon she won't let in whoever does."

"Peeves ought to be the one to tell her," Hermione said, plopping onto the sofa beside Ron. "That was really quite cruel of him! Clearly, it means a lot to her!"

"She's a painting," Ron pointed out. "It's not like she has feelings. Not really, anyway."

Hermione shot him a glare. "And how do you know, Ron?"

He shrugged. "Common sense, innit? I thought that was your thing and all."

She set her jaw.

"Yes, well, if you two lovebirds don't mind, Seamus and myself are gonna get into a game of Exploding Snap. Care to join us, Harry? Neville?" Dean Thomas asked, raising his eyebrows.

Harry nodded, seemingly distracted. "Yeah, sure, sounds like a good time."

"Erm--maybe another time." Neville muttered. "I have to--to study!" With that, he raced to the boys' dormitories.

"What was that all about?" Ron asked, frowning.

"Neville had a bit of an accident with Exploding Snap a couple weeks ago," Hermione said, lowly, seeming to forget about Ron's comment only a moment before. "Remember when he showed up to Transfiguration without eyebrows?"

"I never have any eyebrows. I still play," Seamus said. "I reckon if Dean lost his eyebrows, he'd still play. Wouldn't ye, Dean?"

Dean shrugged and pulled his deck from his robes. He muttered a shuffling spell Seamus had taught him. Just as they each received their hand, they heard yet another off-pitch howl from just outside the common room. It seemed that the Fat Lady was not going to give up her singing career any time soon.
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it was a peaceful summer day at Hogwarts and
Harry & Ron and Neville & Ben.
just watching TV cause there was nothing else to do
"And that's when Neville says... "So Ben whatcha think about Hogwarts so far huh Ben?"
Neville asked me and Ben said... It's pretty cool so far Ben told Neville.
I mean that I made a lot of friends like... Harry Ron. and you too Neville
"And that's when Neville's face blushed bright red .