My first-person fic

Cedric...My Older brother....My dead. Dumbledore said V....Voldemort Killed him. And now I'm alone and everyone acts as if I'm about to explode. I heard the full story directly from Potter. A bloody Spare?! My brother was killed just because he was there! And now he's gone.
my parents are inconsolable. The new captain of the Quidditch team wants me to take Cedric's spot on the team. I know I can never replace him...but I'll honor his memory.
I was one of the first non-Gryffindors to join the D.A. I miss my brother every day but his death will not be in vain. I heard Umbridge called my brother's death "a tragic accident" . It was murder damn it! During one D.A. Meeting, I learned my patronus is a dragon...the Dragon Cedric faced in the first task.