Marry, Kiss, Crucio!

So, I've seen these videos on YouTube a lot! So I thought it would be fun to do here. So, if you don't know how to play, then here's how. I will give three names, for example, Harry, Ron, and Draco. You pick which one you would kiss, which one you would marry, and which one you would crucio. If you have ever played Marry, Kiss, Kill, it's the same game, except it's Harry Potter Edition! Also, you have to pick. You can't say I won't kiss them, or anything like that. Also, the names and be anyone from the HP universe. No OC's and you can't include yourself. Once you decide who you would marry, kiss, and crucio, please provide three names so the game can continue.

So the first three names are Voldemort, Flich, and Goyle. Who would you marry? Who would you kiss? Who would you Crucio?
Oh god-

Marry Goyle, kiss Filch, Crucio Voldemort
Umm, okay, so, uhhh, crucio Harry (because in Deathly Hallows it doesn't hurt him), kiss Draco and marry Ginny, I mean, she's just too cool!

James, Harry, James II
...*screams in idk*

So, um, Crucio Harry (with your logic), kiss James, marry James II because I'm closer to his age...

Snape, Lee Jordan, Bloody Baron