Marry, Kiss, Crucio!


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Kiss Luna, Marry Ginny, Crucio Cho. No regrets she told Umbridge about the DA!!

And I won't forgive OR forget

Pumpkin Juice, Nice Mountain Troll, The Invisibility Cloak (Let's just pretend all of them have thoughts and feelings)
Um okay

Crucial pumpkin juice, kiss the mountain troll :sick: and marry the invisibility cloak.

Teddy, Victoire, Lily the second


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Marry Bill, kiss McGonagall(on the cheek for being an amazing teacher), crucio Fleur(for a second for calling Harry a little boy in book 4)

Pigwidgeon(dunno if I spelt that right), Crookshanks, Hedwig

Kiss Pigwidgeon ('couse I always imagine him cute!!!)
Marry Crookshanks
Crucio DEAD Hedwig

Ariana D. Albus D. Grindelwald