March 2019

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Here are four writing prompts for March of 2019. We will tie these into future house competitions, so be sure to check back each month to see our new ones!

1. For whatever reason, your characters are trapped together in the midst of a quarantine. Possible details include: meeting at the quarantined facility and how they react to one another, fear/comfort, aftermath, one becoming infected and one staying safe, etc.

2. 'I was walking past your house, you had your door open and I saw you dancing in your kitchen and now whenever I hear that song I think about you'.

3. The first time and the last time your characters kissed, embraced, saw one another, etc. This prompt could be used for a fic with heavy angst, where characters get back together or never end up crossing paths again.

4. Amnesia, one of your characters is suffering from it, the other is forced to remind them of the life and love they shared. You choose the ending, but we're hoping to see stories where they end up together once again!
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