Least Favorite Characters

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Which characters in the Harry Potter realm do you like the least? Which characters would you hope never to run into in public? Let us know, here. If you don't see a thread for your most loathed character already - start one and tell us why you're not a fan.


I think Umbridge is a clear winner here. I'm quite a fan of her favorite shade of pink, but that seems to be her only redeeming factor.

I think there are a few reasons that she often is considered to be less likable than even Voldemort.

  • She is a government authority so she doesn't even have that "rebellious bad guy" sort of appeal to her.
  • She's insufferable in every interaction that she has. (Court hearings, at school, with the centaurs.)
  • She paints a picture of innocence whilst reverting to archaic methods of punishment. (Her decorations, all the pink, etc.)