Ashley Marie

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Drew here - an 'Ameripuff'. I was active writing on this site about 5 years ago, but disappeared when the forums went dark in 2016. Glad to see it back up and running.

I started writing after I had read the entire HP series to my daughter. Once I was done, I thought to myself, "Hey self. You can write your own novel in the HP universe. After all, how hard can it be?" Turns out it's very hard. I spent about 6 months on my story "The Fifth House" (link here) It's set in current-day America with all OC and (originally) at Ilvermorny. I created it to be very similar in spirit to "The Sorcerer's Stone" with the intent that I could read it to my kids without getting uncomfortable, but set here in the states since I cannot for the life of me write dialogue in British english. As I was finalizing it, Pottermore kept posting more and more updates about Ilvermorny which made my story more and more non-canon and I didn't know how to fix it, plus the forums at that time were in the last stages of meltdown. I ended up abandoning the effort and stepping away from writing anything for the next four years.

So here we are now. A rejuvenating trip to Universal Studios helped me remember my love of the wizarding world, and I dug back up my old story (still here) and am in the process of updating it now. Turns out (according to me anyway) there's more than one magic school in America - Ilvermorny is just the largest of them. My story is now about Gampton Hall Academy and I already have ideas for the gang's next adventures. Besides, with the whole world in a state of Quarantine and Social Distancing, I should have plenty of time to read and write. I'm more than happy to review others' stories as well.
I love your story, thanks for sharing it with us. I'm really glad to have you back here with us and can't wait to read your writing! :)