Introduction Sentences - March 2019


If you mean ones we've written as our own starts to a story, I'll add some. If I'm wrong, well, that's embarrassing :p

Hermione Granger was frustrated. If she admitted the truth, she was more frustrated by the fact that she wanted to stop working on her essay than by the fact that she couldn’t think of anything else to write.
(Then Shall I Know: (slightly cheating, this is the first line of the first chapter, ignoring the prologue) Sirius/Hermione time travel, WiP)

Hermione had never expected to love parenting.
(One Step Closer: Remus/Hermione post-war fix-it, 31k words)

Elodie shut her copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with a snap and glared at it.
(A Solution More Beautiful: Sirius/OC Remus/OC self-insert style book fan wakes up in HP world, long WiP)

For most of his life, Remus Lupin had hated the fact that, somewhere out there, there was a person who was destined to be his soulmate.
(The Good Intentions Paving Company: Remus/Hermione soulmate fic, WiP)

In moments like these, Ron felt every inch 'the youngest Weasley boy.'
(Making It Count: Ron-centric gen fic, oneshot)

He sat and stared at it, watching the branches twitch and sway as though a furious gale were howling through them, but the grass in which he sat hinted at the true story.
(Perspective: Lupin-centric gen fic, oneshot)