Interesting Sorting Quiz

Blue Kat

I just found this Sorting quiz and it's pretty neat. It sorts you based on primary/secondary, with your primary house reflecting WHY you do things and your secondary house reflecting HOW you do things. They also have this concept of a "burned" house:

"Your Primary or Secondary House can also be "Burned." For instance, someone might have a Burned Gryffindor Primary. Burned Houses still value the ideals or methods of their original House, but they're exhausted and resigned. If the world was better, they'd live by those ideals -- but the world isn't, and they feel they have to be practical. They often find unburned members of their House tiring, frustrating, or naive."
Anyway, you can find it here:

My results were:

We think you're a Hufflepuff Primary and a Hufflepuff Secondary.
Hufflepuff Primaries bond to communities, traditions, or cultures. They prioritize fairness and equality, treating people justly because people are people-- not because they like one person more than others.
Hufflepuff Secondaries work. They're the ones who show up, reliable and trusted.
I just spent a part of my workday ranting about how changes to the holiday schedule at work will screw over salaried workers and tomorrow I'm showing up for a meeting that I don't technically need to be at, so I feel like this is reasonably accurate.
You might be a Gryffindor Primary.

Gryffindor Primaries trust their moral intuitions and have a need and a drive to live by them. They feel what’s right in their gut, and that matters and guides them. If they don’t listen to and act on that, it feels immoral.
We call Gryffindor morality “felt” but that doesn’t mean they’re all impetuous, emotional hellions. Gryffindors can still be intelligent, deliberate creatures who weigh their decisions and moralities carefully. Reasoning, intellectualizing and debate can be support for a Gryffindor’s felt morality– but those things can never make a fully satisfying morality in themselves. Some things are just wrong, no matter what pretty words you use to explain them.

From your answers so far, you also might be a: Slytherin

Slytherin Primaries prioritize their own selves and loved ones first. Slytherins don't feel guilty or selfish about this-- they feel righteous and moral. The most important thing is to look after your own. Abandoning or hurting one of your own is the worst thing you can do.

When I first joined here I chose Slytherin as my house. After taking this test I think I'll be sticking by my decision. I think this should be the official sorting quiz for this forum. It looks quite good.


Head of Ravenclaw House
We think you're a Ravenclaw Primary and a Slytherin Secondary.

Ravenclaws want to do the right thing, but they think the "right thing" ought to come from careful reason, logic, and study, not anything internal. Their external sources might be a teacher, a religion, their own observations and logic, a legal system, or a philosophy, but they avoid making decisions on any "gut" feel-- this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel things in their gut, just like everyone else! They just try not to make calls based on that feeling.
Slytherin Secondaries adapt. They're flexible and multi-faceted. It doesn't feel disingenuous to them to act differently in different spaces.
You may have a Ravenclaw Secondary Model.

Ravenclaw is the House of data collection, analysis, and study, and Ravenclaws use those values to help them live, act, and succeed. If you model Ravenclaw Secondary, you also value these things and like to live by them. You like to be prepared, skilled, and knowledgeable-- but you wouldn't feel guilty for abandoning those values in the service of other, higher priorities. It would be nice if you could prioritize aquiring skills and experiences, learning, and preparing, but sometimes other things are more important or come more easily to your hand.

If you model Ravenclaw secondary, then you use these tools primarily when you think they will help or when they will be fun, but are less likely to jump to them when another way could be just as effective—- whether that’s confronting your problem head-on, playing things by ear, toiling, or calling on your community.