If you got your Hogwarts Letter


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It was two years before now. I'm writing this from Hogwarts where they have internet nowadays.

Bi the By

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Wouldn't it be cool to break into the Ministry of Magic with Harry in his 5th year? I mean, like ka-pow! told you Voldy Moldy was alive, Fudge! I DID NOT tell lies!!!


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So I don’t know about y’all but if I were to ever get my hogwarts letter. I would totally want it to happen in Marauder era.
That would be so os incredibly awesome.

If I actually got my letter though I would look at it for a few moments, look up, ask who’s pranking me, why I find out no ones pranking me I’ll liter start dancing and jumping and acting like a maniac because Harry Potter is real and the wizard world is real.

But literally if it was in marauders era that would be like the best thing to ever happen to me.

Does someone have a time turner?


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Me: *getting mail and looking at what we have*
*Finds Hogwarts letter*
*Stares at it for 5 seconds*
*Screams my head off, not caring who hears, runs to my fam and tells them.*
*Posts on HPFF Formus*
*Emails all my friends*
*Screams louder again*
*Finally opens my letter*
*mails another letter to Hogwarts, asking for Floo powder*
*Floos to Diagon Alley*
If you got your Hogwarts letter, what would be your reaction?

I would be like

No way. nowaynowaynoway.

And then I would pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

And then I would faint. -.-
Me: *will be cussing* no way bitch. No fcking way. no way. *pinches arm* huh. its not a dream. *celebrates. realizes my parents wont believe it. cries and goes to attempt to shift*