If you got your Hogwarts Letter


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Me: *Receives Hogwarts Letter* I knew the wizarding world was real. Now let's just hope that my patronus will be a Hungarian Horntail.
Also Me: This explains how my door magically locked itself when I didn't want my parents to see me reading Harry Potter.
Also Me: Oh no, my parents think that magic is always evil. Looks like I'll have to book a hotel or something.


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If you got your Hogwarts letter, what would be your reaction?

I would be like

No way. nowaynowaynoway.

And then I would pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

And then I would faint. -.-

Just faint. Then I'd wake up and try to find out which one of my friends pranked me... and have them suffer my revenge because it's not a joking matter...

Then faint again and just jump up and down screaming. Then I'd get everyone's autographs (like McGonagall and HAGRID!)


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I'd die before I'd even get to Hogwarts. Just seeing my letter made me faint and the thought killed my heartbeat.

Welp, if that ever happens--see you all later! Or never again! Depends whether or not you'll be dead in time. I'm not very patient, you know.


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If i got my hogwarts letter I'd probably scream and faint.
I'd be OMGOMG!!!! Hogwarts is actually REAL!!!!
Then try to see if I actually did magic before I got the letter...