How Did You Discover HPFF?

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Hi, I'm Gilwen aka Gee.
I discovered HPFF in 2007 as iellwen, avid Potterhead looking for more stories. I first read, discovered Dramione and wrote my first fanfic entitled "Closer in Winter". It. Was. Terrible. But a lot of fun to write. Draco was plagued with a schizophrenia-like Dark Soul, Hermione was the only one that saw through his terrible behaviour and saw the pain and fear he was trying to hide, they were both Heads and shared a Dorm, so obviously they got closer (in winter) to each other and no one understood their love but it didn't matter because they had each other. Etc. Not canon at all and cliché, even back then, but as I said, fun to write.
I changed my pen name in 2014 or 2015 and reposted a few things as GailWelin (an anagram), had fun participating in challenges of all kinds, kept writing Dramione ships and discovered my love for the (albeit) horrid McGonagall-Snape pairing (coined Snagall by a fellow HPFFer at the time) in a sci-fi AU short-story.
I think the first review I ever posted was something along the lines of "OMG this was soooo good pls keep writing OMG!"?
HPFF was my second home, a safe place filled with like-minded people and I made a lot of friends here, played Quidditch, loved my Prefect badge, felt good. I'm back because I swore I would come back to the forums if they opened again. It took me a little while (because, life.) but honestly, it's good to be home.
I've been out of the HP fanficition world since the forums closed, so I have a lot of catching up to do :)

I'm so glad that you've been able to come back 'home' to the site. We're growing fast, and the goal is to definitely make this a wonderful and exciting place for Harry Potter fans, writers, and readers alike.

Hope to learn more about you soon!
I stumbled across fanfiction back in 2001 and I think pretty soon after I originally found fanfiction I found HPFF. Although I was not an official member until about 2008. I spent a lot of time on HPFF back in the day active first as a Slytherin and then switched to the house I still belong to, Hufflepuff. I was a prefect and later a staff member on HPFF and loved every minute of it. HPFF was seriously my second home. I had so many amazing friends here and spent the majority of my free time on the site.

Kat Randall

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Back in 2010 stumbled across it. OMG, this was the best thing ever! I was very sad that it was down but today I found out the site was live again. You guys have made me very happy. Thanks!