Hey! What brings you here?


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I'm all. In order to do a good book, you have to use imagination, tones, dialect, passion, and mostly important make sure the audience understands it. It comes from the heart. You might think your newest book is trash but you don't know, there might be some people who love it! So just remember it's the thought and the heart that count.


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I‘m also All three.

artist: I loved art ever since (and still do) but not very creative (very bad combination)
writer: I can’t say I loved writing when I was little, english was my second language and I found it very stressing; but Now, I love writing, I love The feedback, everything
Reader: I found this site and just read for 2-3 months, I read and corrected people (bad habit, sorry) and then I decided, ‘I love all this, but I also have some ideas of my own’ so I took a deep breath and created an account. (I was scared that everyone would hate my writing)