Harry Potter Sequel and Spin-off Story of a shared universe/world: Terrie, The Sorcerer from Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling’s Political Fairytale


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We, family and friends and fellows and followers and fans of author Loic Cabrel, are writing you for we want and will and wish you to hugely help us in speaking and spreading and sharing the word about Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling’s Political Fairytale Book Penned and Published by her second cousin — Author Loic Cabrel, as a new and novel fantasy book: Terrie, The Sorcerer, and do so with your family and friends and fellows and followers on this site and on your social media sites.

Loic Cabrel, the Author, is a family and friend of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, with whose permission he has penned and published her prior purported political fairytale as a new and novel fantasy book: Terrie, The Sorcerer, and first book of a fantasy series: Terrie of Terrestria series – a sort of sequel and sort of spin-off to the Harry Potter series. The Terrie of Terrestria series is part itself of a super fantasy series: the Sorceria or Sorcering State series – a sort of sequel and sort of spin-off to the Harry Potter series, and also of a sort of shared universe and shared world with Harry Potter.

The Terrie of Terrestria series is a series whose story takes place in the Terrestria section which is the terrestrial section of Sorceria the sorcering world, and also a greenish Earth section situated cardinally in Sorceria’s North-and-Up, and in which sorcerers and sorceresses walk with legs on its grounds or groundlands, and its central character called Terrie. Terrie, The Sorcerer is the first book of this Terrie of Terrestria series.

It features original spells (in strong-and-sharp sounds of spells’ sparks-and-sparkles) and sorceries (in soft-and-slight sounds of sorceries’ shines-and-shimmers) and shamanisms (in scream-and-screech sounds of shamanisms’ sleeks-and-sheens), spelled by saint-aka-sacred vs. satanic-aka-sacrilegious sorcerers and sorceresses, with staffs for senior sorcerers + sticks for small sorcerers + staves for superior sorcerers + sceptres for sovereign sorcerers, and in a sorcering world named Sorceria or the Sorcering State, and in a sorcery school named Scholaria School of Sorcery and Sorcerycraft; different from the wizardry and witchcraft, weaved by good and evil wizards and witches, with wands, in the wizarding and witchcraft world, and in the wizarding and witchcraft school of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.

It features again sorcerers and sorceresses who ‘swirl’ on swirling saucers, ‘sweep’ on sweeping sweepsticks (sort of flying broomsticks), and ‘soar and swoop’ on soaring and swooping shags (sort of flying carpets); different from the wizards and witches flying on broomsticks in the Harry Potter series.

It features also the sorcerers and sorceresses who sport/play as sport-teams and sporters/players in the three sorcering sports/Sorcero-Sports of Sorcero-Shot (which is a score-in sports in which shots are to be scored inside of score-posts), Sorcero-Shoot (which is a score-out sports in which shoots are to be scored outside of score-posts) and Sorcero-Soccer (which is a score-in and score-out sports in which shots and shoots as soccers are to be scored inside and outside of score-posts); different from the Quidditch sport played at Hogwarts and other schools of magic, and professionally by adult magicians in the Harry Potter series.

It features the sorcerers and sorceresses in this Sorceria series that are of two types: the beneficent saint or sacred (Saints or Sacreds), and the maleficent satanic or sacrilegious (Satanists or Sacrileges).

The eBook is available to be shopped at book distributor Smashwords at its Smashwords Store primarily, (as Loic Cabrel as an author says he prefers the Smashwords Store as it is increasingly an ebook retail store where he as an ebook reader and many ebook readers prefer to shop there because it has an advantage that ebook readers pay one purchase price and gain access to an ebook in multiple ebook formats readable on any e-reading device, — which is what is not offered in many e-book retail stores such as Amazon who sell in their Kindle Books in its MOBI format, or Apple iPhone and iPad who sell in their ibooks in its EPUB format; — also an additional advantage many other authors as he similarly see it so to their readers on their books at the Smashwords store).

The Book is also available at book retailers (through the Smashwords distribution network) such as Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, and Kobo (including Kobo Plus), 24Symbols, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla etc.

The novel in an epic scale and size of at around 125 000 words and around 255 pages, and priced at $9.99 is said to be already selling close to a million copies in its eBook sales at the Smashwords Store, and receiving acclaim from fellow fantasy writers and critics.

Loic Cabrel is an author and a British-born, a second cousin to J.K. Rowling and a descendant to Marian Volant – a sibling to Anne Volant (J. K. Rowling’s mother), and also a son of Marian Volant’s daughter whom she had with a French man from France, Louis Cabrel.