Harry Potter Memorabilia


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I'm not a big collector as my apartment is SUPER small and I already have far too much space being taken up by my books, but I'm getting a Felix Felicis tattoo this summer.

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I have a playbill from Cursed Child that I got signed by most of the original cast when we were in London--it was a total fluke, we were leaving the theatre and happened to pass the stage door and I turned to my husband and was like "WE ARE STOPPING I NEED TO TELL SCORPIUS HOW GOOD HE WAS."

I have been eyeing the Harry Potter collection at Pottery Barn but I have not yet been able to talk myself into buying, say, a $400 Fawkes lamp. Probably, this is a good thing. (Unrelated: WHY didn't they call this collection Harry Pottery Barn? Missed marketing opportunity.)


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I did not know there was a pottery barn HP collection, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON.

I personally don't have very many collectibles, mostly because I have 3 kids under 10, hah. My copies of the books are all the first printings in the US versions, though, including the Prisoner of Azkaban version with a 'mistake' in dialogue that was corrected in a version printed later the same year (mine is printed in October, the December version is fixed)! I also have the painting I made in my avatar. Here's a larger version of it:

This was from a 'wine and paint' night. The instructor kindly put the wolf in for me by request, it wasn't part of the original design, and neither was the TARDIS down by the tree. I added that myself :)

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I did not know there was a pottery barn HP collection, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON.
I think the collection came out like 6 months after we replaced our bedroom set. There was a moment where I considered the logistics of selling our brand new bedroom set so I could replace it with Harry Potter furniture. Ultimately, I decided that that probably wasn't financially responsible, a decision that still feels like both a victory and a loss.


My one and only 'memorabilia' piece is a signed American First Edition of "Deathly Hallows" - I was fortunate to be in New York and waiting at the stage door for Ms. Rowling the day she answered questions for students... and yes, that particular book has never been read; I purchased a second copy to read...


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Outside of the books I don't have a massive amount of HP merch, but I do have a Remus Lupin and Severus Snape funko pop.
All 7 books
All films (including the 2 FB films) except POA and GOF
script book for both Cursed Child and Crimes of Grindewald
5 soon to be 6 wands
Slytherin and Ravenclaw shirts
Slytherin's locket
2 game boy games, 2 ps3 games
Hogwarts mug
Slytherin wall block
Starter set of Harry Potter TCG
ticket stubs from Harry Potter movies
Dumbledore bookmark
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I have a fair amount of things but I wanted to commiserate about my horcrux being stolen. You guys are the only ones who will understand the loss.
It was not even an expensive replica just a cheap plastic copy of the locket my sister picked up for me. It was hanging from my rear view mirror. That was the only thing stolen from the car. Not the wallet with cash and cards, not the stuff I was moving into my house like dinnerware or such, just my horcrux. Now I sympathize with Voldy a bit more.
Three different main book collections (one UK, two Br) and a hard-cover edition of Half-Blood Prince in Italian
All the movies in DVD, Philosopher Stone + Chamber of Secrets in VHS
A Dumbledore Funko Pop
A FirstYear!Harry + Hedwig PVC figurine
The Marauders Map
Fawkes plushie
Two sets of Hogwarts cloak and tie = one (Hufflepuff) bought in the Universal park and the other (Gryffindor) my grandmother made for me when I was 15
Lots of notebooks
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 / LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 (Nintendo DS)
Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter: Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower

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Anything really. Got newt's wand, hoping to get Cho's and any others. I sometimes spend my free time looking through the Harry Potter shop websites and the Noble Collection just looking at what things I'd like. I also want a Hufflepuff quidditch jumper from the Lock Haven website.