Grey's Anatomy Introduction

Ashley Marie

Staff member
If you cry when 'Chasing Cars' comes on in public, or if you've ever felt your heart actually break when you see a scrub cap with ships on it...chances are, you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy.

The series, which celebrated a milestone on television tonight, has been a huge part of our pop culture journey, and we know we can say the same for some of you. There's something about the characters and their storylines that draw you in and make you not just a short term fan, but a life long one.

So we'd love to talk about Grey's with you. Who are your favorite doctors? What would you specialize in if you'd been an intern at Seattle Grace? Do you always see Denny when you look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Let's chat about it.


Binge watching from Season 1. I forgot about George and Izzy, how George leaves the show, how much I hated Izzie for leaving Alex, how much I love Meredith and Derek, the shooting (I cried so much), and how much I miss Burke.