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Ashley Marie

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We'd like to share with you what we hope to achieve with each of our forum topics.

In Muggle Studies, you'll find tips and tricks for writing fanfiction, this will hopefully be beneficial to everyone who visits our site. We want those who write fanfiction to feel welcome here, whether you've been an author for some time, or you're just starting out. We hope to share ideas, topics, advice, etc with everyone who is interested in writing fanfiction.

Fanfiction takes us where so many staples of pop culture can't go. Movies have to end, books must reach a conclusion, but fanfiction can go on and be told in a different light. We hope to create a place where writers want to come to learn, read, and write stories of their own.

In All Things Fanfiction, you'll find just that - all things related to Harry Potter fanfiction. We hope to open discussions to fanfiction outside of the Harry Potter realm, too. For now, please indulge in our forums and show us more of what you'd like to see. We hope to recommend stories, talk about relationships and character studies within fanfiction. and get to know what our readers and writers enjoy most about HP fanfic stories.

In All Things Fandom, you'll (again) find just that - all things related to the Harry Potter fandom. We've never quite outgrown that feeling of being a student at Hogwarts, and we hope we never do. We hope this is a place where you'll find the magic and wizardry you love in the Harry Potter realm, too. Let's discuss the books and films, the ups and downs, our favorite characters and most hated villains, together.

The Invisibility Cloak is a place where we can share and discuss more adult topics in fanfiction. We want this forum to appeal to everyone and we know sometimes you'll have a break at work or during school and we hope this is a place you'll want to browse. For that reason, we have a specific forum thread dedicated to items that aren't safe for work.

The Great Hall is a place where we hope to really build our community. We want to hear more about what makes you, you. We love Harry Potter, fanfiction, and writing - but we'd love to connect with you over a slew of pop culture topics. We've added a few forum threads to start with, but please feel free to add your own, too. We hope we can create a place to find friendship and bond over ideas that we can all relate to.

The Common Rooms are a place to discuss house specific Harry Potter topics. We have a 'sorting hat' of sorts, where you can share which house you've been sorted into via Pottermore, or your own desires. You can also share which house you belong to, but which house you secretly wish you did. Within the common rooms, we'll add house specific contests, writing tips, character studies, etc. We hope to make this a place to have fun and get to know one another, but also to stir your creativity.