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Ashley Marie

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For your first task, we'd love for you to help us build our forum and the community of writers you belong to. Each task will be used on our site, so your work will help build the future of HPFF.

How would you best describe a female character's appearance to allow readers to visualize your character?
(Using few words to make a big impact)


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When she's first introduced, just briefly go over one or two basics that set the tone. Such as vibe, hairstyle, the type of clothes she's wearing, attitude. Not too much detail, but enough that people at least know which route to go to imagine her? So for Narcissa for example, just saying she has long blonde hair and an air of arrogance around her is enough at first. It sets the tone for who she is and what you should imagine.

After that, spread it around a little. Mention her blue eyes when it's plausible for someone to see them up close (a kiss, or if she's scared or surprised), I loved the description of her look as if she's smelling something foul, or mention the type of robes she's wearing (color, tailored, etc.)

Basically, don't write paragraph after paragraph describing every inch of her body, unless someone's clearly spending time admiring her. (In a current wip I do have her partner just staring at her and admiring her for a paragraph or two) it tends to come across as creepy/uncomfortable and just feels like an infodump anyway. Less is more, give us the chance to imagine some of it ourselves, just guide us to what she looks like in broad lines, and add details when appropriate.