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Do you want someone to review your fanfiction, either in work or complete? This is the thread to ask for those reviews. Give us a short summary of what your fanfic is about and what type of reviewing you'd like.


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I'd love reviews for Wreck. It is ongoing and I expect it to top out at fortyish chapters. It is moving pretty quickly, so it should be finished by North American summer. It is a Dramione, so I don't recommend reading unless you're into that ship.

Rating: M
Pair: Dramione
Summary: Serving as Minister of Magic, Hermione Granger is finally at the peak of her career. With a beautiful family, a successful book, and the public on her side, her life should be a fairytale. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise, and when Draco Malfoy pays her a visit, she begins recalling their history and questioning her marriage.
Warnings: Substance abuse, sexual content, sensitive topic, profanity, mild violence.
Type of Reviews I'm Looking For: Canon checks (does it follow canon as well as possible?), character development, grammar/spelling.


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Would love feedback on my WIP Casa Oscura. I just posted a new chapter and the next will probably be up by next week. Thank you thank you!

I'd also be happy to exchange reviews.

Rating: M
Pair: Sirius/OC and other pairings
Summary: At that moment, trapped in an underground bunker beneath a raging waterfall in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Sirius Black wished he had taken Spanish at Hogwarts. Perhaps then he would have realized earlier that 'casa oscura' does not mean 'safe house'.
Warnings: Substance abuse, sexual content, sensitive topic, profanity, mild violence.
Type of Reviews I'm Looking For: plot consistency, character dev, writing style, general reactions
*Bonus: Some characters speak Portuguese occasionally and I would love for any native speakers to let me know if I'm using any of the expressions incorrectly. I lived in Latin America for a little bit and speak Spanish, but Portuguese still throws me off!


Head of Ravenclaw House
I'd love feedback on this novella I'm working on. This was a requested fic that I took on, but I've been having a lot of fun with it. It's really fluffy, but there is obviously an ongoing plot. It's honestly meant to be a humorous, good-feel piece of work that is a nice break for me considering my other WIP can feel very heavy.

A Creature Most Unusual

Rating: M
Pair: Dramione
Summary: Draco Malfoy is on a mission. Unfortunately, Hermione Granger catches him in the act. When she sees that he has adopted a rather unusual magical creature, she becomes determined to make sure he takes care of it. Little does she know, the animal may hold her key to eternal glory.
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Type of Reviews I'm Looking For: General reactions, writing style, grammar/spelling/typos

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Please take a look at my first couple of fan fiction stories. Reviews really appreciated!


The Bowtruckles and Me (15+)

Rating :15+
Pair : Leta Lestrange / Newt Scamander
Summary : Newt was friends with the Bowtruckles.
Warnings : mild violence and mild sexual nature will be written later.
Type of Reviews I'm Looking for : I'll appreciate for general reactions, character development, writing style and any thoughts.


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Type of review I'd like: I'm not too picky, I appreciate all kinds of thoughts and opinions. The more detailed, the better. Obviously I do prefer it if your criticism is constructive and argumentative.
Title: A Weasley Vacation by AlecJamesCaius_
Ship(s): Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Hugo/OC
Genre: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure, Drama
Any warnings/ratings we should be made aware of: Contains profanity, Strong Violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Banner by me

The 3 Doomcurses, written in a sacred book protected by the Ministry. The Imperius Animalus Curse, the Furari Curse and the Doomspell Curse. Them being stolen 3 months prior to the start of the book set this 8th Harry Potter Novel in motion...
Can a happy ending still be considered a happy ending when everyone dies?

COMPLETED. // Undergoing edits!


I have just completed Hogwarts Prank Club and would love to hear what you think. Feel free to critique your heart out - I can take it.

Title: Hogwarts Prank Club
Ship(s): none
Key characters: Remus, Sirius, James, Peter, Severus, Lily
Genre: Humor, Friendship, Werewolf
Rating: 12+
Warnings: NONE
Length: 7 chapters
Summary: Remus Lupin, a shy, young werewolf, must win a pranking competition to earn his place among the wizard children. A lighthearted tale of building friendship and confidence while having fun. Who will become the Prank King?

Link: Hogwarts Prank Club

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I've gotten back into hpff after discovering that the site's miraculously come back to life, and I'm ready to jump right into the thick of things!

Title: Of Arrogant Toerags and Rabid Redheads
Ship(s): James/Lily
Genre: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Any warnings/ratings we should be made aware of: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
James and Lily are polar opposites, yet exactly the same.

One a Marauder, the other a Prefect, both brilliant and marvellous in their own right and, according to Sirius, both complete idiots.

A Sixth Year Lily Evans finds herself inexplicably drawn to a changing James Potter. James finds it impossible to draw himself away from her. They are as similar and different as a Stag and a Doe.

Type of review I'd like: Really just what you enjoy about it and, I suppose, don't enjoy - help me hone my craft!


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My Dramione fic "Far From Over" is ongoing and currently at 14 chapters with a lot more to come. :) This is a post-war seventh year fic with Malfoy struggling to redeem himself and Hermione struggling to look past old grievances. Rating is currently 15+ but may stretch to M in later chapters.

LINK: Far From Over <<<

"The War is over and a new school year is starting at Hogwarts. Hermione Granger and her friends are returning for their seventh year at school, but not all old prejudices have been put to ground with the death of Voldemort. Though most people are just struggling to move on and return their lives to a semblance of 'normal', there are still mutterings in the hallways and meetings happening in the shadows. All Hermione wants is to get her N.E.W.T.s without the threat of imminent death hanging over her head for once, and Merlin help anyone who gets in her way, but a certain Slytherin is determined to prove that his past won't define his future, and he's decided that associating with one Hermione Granger is the way to accomplish that. He's only using her smarts and good social standing to ingratiate himself into the new wizarding society; he certainly doesn't care that Ron Weasley is definitely not the right boy to handle her wit and firecracker personality. Of course not."

Chapters have mini summaries posted with them. :)

I'd love reviews on anything you particularly enjoyed, be in a particular line, a scene, an interaction between characters, or any other thoughts you had while reading. :)

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Hey all! I plan to leave reviews on these soon! I’ve been reading through them and just wanted to let you know they weren’t forgotten about.


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I’d love some reviews on my first story.

Title: The Girl with the Emerald Eyes
Ships: James/Lily, Frank / Alice, Sirius/OC , Remus/OC
Genre : Drama, Romance, Humour, Young Adult, Action/Adventure
Rating: 15+
Summary: The story of James and Lily. The life, laughs and love they shared. From sixth year until death.

While the story does have an eventual focus on James and Lily it really explores the life’s of both them and their friend groups at Hogwarts.


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I used to be here a lot a few years ago but have had some time out from fanfiction. I just started a new Rose/Scorpius Action/Adventure story that I'm really excited about and would love some feedback if anyone's interested! It's been a while...

Some of my old stories were quite popular and it was nice feeling like people were enjoying reading so I guess I just want to know if this catches anyone's interest and is worth continuing! It'll be novel length but chapter 1 is under 1500 words so should be a quick read :)

Title: Rosie
Ships: Rose/Scorpius
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Rating: M
Link: Here (M)
Summary: Rose hasn't seen or spoken to Scorpius since graduation, but now he's in her office covered in blood and they need to work together to save her cousin. It doesn't help that the rest of her relatives keep being attacked and the two of them have somehow ended up as the chief suspects.
After spending a lot of time reading I decided it was time to give myself a shot

I would love some reviews on my first story, it only has two chapters so it won't take very long to read

Title: We fight together
Ships: Scorpius/ Rose, James/Oc, Albus/Oc and some Marauders era ships like Lily/James and Remus/Sirius
Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure, Drama and Humor
Rating: M
Summary: When the Wotters think they are finally free after defeating the dark lord they are surprised by a new addition to their family who will turn everything upside down

Well I just wanted to say some little things about the story, I plan on bringing the mysteries and adventures of the HP series but I also want to give this next generation what the golden trio never had, which is a normal adolescence. I also want to bring some attention to the marauders era because it connects very well with my story specially my main romantic interest and last but no least I want to bring representation into the Hp universe,more people of color getting story lines that are not so stereotyped (Although I am NOT a poc I have talked to a friend that is and she has helped me build the characters) also plan on giving representation to the LGBTQ+ community.



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Prison or Marriage

Type of review I’m looking for:

Suggestions, compliments






Draco Malfoy will be clear of all charges if he marries Hermione Granger. Who will support them? What will happen? Will they get along?
Hello!! I would really appreciate your reviews at any of my stories. A huge thank you in advance! :)

Type of review: I'm looking for an honest review, be it constructive criticism, any particular parts you liked. I have to say- it makes my day when someone gives a detailed review, and the only thing that makes me happier is perhaps seeing them at another story of mine!

All my ships are canon

Rating: G-PG13

Here's my profile, I hope to see you there soon!!



I've got a brand new story.

Title: Gryffindor at Heart
Rating: General
Warnings: none
Genre: crossover, fluff, YA, romance
Format: short story
Status: complete
Type of reviews I'd like: Reactions, constructive criticism. I've got an idea in my head to expand it into something epic. Is there a market out there for more of this?

* Crossover with The Little Mermaid. *
Eric thought that getting to know the mute girl would be his biggest challenge today. He forgot to consider the creatures living in the Black Lake.
It takes more than the sorting ceremony to prove that you’re a True Gryffindor.

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Please review any of my stories! Currently my favourite is ‘Victorious goes to Hogwarts’ as I have a huge plot planned.

You know the show Victorious? The 2010-2013 sitcom with awesome characters? Oh you don’t? It doesn’t matter. You can still read this! Jade, Beck, Tori, Cat, André, Robbie, Trina, Sinjin and even Rex all get their Hogwarts letters. To some, this was a great surprise whilst others were always described as a witch (Jade West) anyway... These are no ordinary years at Hogwarts, anything could happen...
Era: Next Gen
Secondary ships: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, Astoria/Draco, Ron/Hermione.

I also have a couple of oneshots: ‘Do all detentions end this way?’ and ‘A Pregnant Pause.’

And two more novels - Confessions (a Twilight/HP Crossover) and Similarities And Differences.