Fanfiction Review Requests

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Do you want someone to review your fanfiction, either in work or complete? This is the thread to ask for those reviews. Give us a short summary of what your fanfic is about and what type of reviewing you'd like.


I'd love reviews for Wreck. It is ongoing and I expect it to top out at fortyish chapters. It is moving pretty quickly, so it should be finished by North American summer. It is a Dramione, so I don't recommend reading unless you're into that ship.

Rating: M
Pair: Dramione
Summary: Serving as Minister of Magic, Hermione Granger is finally at the peak of her career. With a beautiful family, a successful book, and the public on her side, her life should be a fairytale. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise, and when Draco Malfoy pays her a visit, she begins recalling their history and questioning her marriage.
Warnings: Substance abuse, sexual content, sensitive topic, profanity, mild violence.
Type of Reviews I'm Looking For: Canon checks (does it follow canon as well as possible?), character development, grammar/spelling.