Honestly, I don't hate this ship. I'm on the opinion that any ship is awesome in the hands of a good writer.

However, I don't like Draco. I'm all for second chances usually, but Draco is one of the few people I will never be able to truly forgive. He was a bully and I was haunted by bullies when I first read the books (age 10 to 17).

The very few fics about Draco that I was able to get through were the ones where 1) an AU in which he was massively different due to his parents' demise when he was a baby, or 2) his redemption arc began on Philosopher's Stone (before his major bullying started).

That said... Drarry is one of these ships I usually can't swallow since he was their bully. He was the guy who took every opportunity to make Harry's life miserable.

Mind you, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this ships... you could easily have fics where their relationship is healthy. Being now an adult, I know that young bullies are easily redeemable throughout adulthood. I also know that Draco was a consequence of the way he was raised.

However... Draco is too close from home for me, he's the bully of some of my closest childhood friends (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville). Since Harry was one of my best friends, though, I just wish someone better for him. That's all...
Drarry? I love it. I know in canon it would never be possible, but that just adds another new and exciting what-if. What if Draco had a redemption arc in canon? What if JKR actually wrote character development for him? I consume Drarry ravenously.