Coronavirus/Covid-19 Fanfiction

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While we're all dealing with quarantine and isolation, why not read fanfiction themed around the very thing that's causing it? Getting lost in the constant news articles, press releases, and statements from government officials can be hard.

That's why we love fanfiction so much, it can take that fear and turn it into something else. There are fanfiction writers already trying to make a trying time a little easier with some fics focused on the Coronavirus/Covid-19. Here are some we've read so far.

This fic follows Hermione, Ron, Draco, and Harry as they prepare for spring break - or at least...this would be a story about a well-deserved spring break after defeating Voldemort. What happens, instead, is a quarantine due to the Coronavirus. Harry and Draco...well, they're stuck facing perhaps their most tragic enemy yet - being stuck in isolation together. Will they address their hate, or realize that their disdain may come from an entirely different emotion, in the end?

Draco goes to Space (to avoid Covid-19) but then finds romance where he least expects it
When we read the title of this one, we had to dive in. Draco going to space to avoid Covid-19, and finding romance? We are so in. It's a WIP with only 3 chapters so far, so it's a quick read and there's still some story left to uncover, but it's definitely worth starting!

Sacrifice - A Black Wedding
This is a Supernatural themed one-shot (in a series of others) where Sam and Dean are face to face with a plague. The really cool thing about this is that the author uses photos through the story so you can see it playing out in front of you. Chapter/Part 1 also seems to set the tone/scene for what's happening in the heart of the story. It's a one-shot, so it's not a long read, but it's really well done.

Lube in the time of Corona
*content warning - this fic is categorized as twin-cest*
This story follows Mabel and Dipper as they prepare for quarantine and what goes into that kind of preparation. Many around the world have been hoarding TP, but Mabel...she has a different idea for what might be important during this time.

Deadpool Kills the Coronavirus
This one is self-explanatory - Deadpool finds himself up against viruses and with his natural snark and a general sense of badassery, he destroys them.
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