Backing up reviews?


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Is there currently a way to back up reviews you've received on a story on the archives, and save them offline? I know there was a way on the old version of the site, though I never did it. If at all possible, I'd like to do it now (better late than never!)

Ronnie Deaver

HPFF Logistical CoFounder
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Hi there! This is Ronnie, the co-founder of Fanfiction Recommendations and the operator of HPFF :)

We weren't involved in the site of old, so I'm not quite certain about this feature - can you tell me more about how it used to work?

How did it export the reviews? Into a word doc? PDF?


Once I understand how it worked, I'll look into what it would take to bring that feature back online.



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Hi Ronnie, thanks! Unfortunately I am a tech moron and I don't know much about it. However, I talked to another former HPFF member and she checked her review backup and said it was a txt file. Sounds like you could click on something to back up all the reviews by fic or by chapter (because that's how they would be grouped/listed, like they are now) and it might have opened up a separate internet page with all the reviews listed one after the other and given you the option to download that as a txt file. :)