5 More Coronavirus/Covid-19 Fanfiction Stories

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Instead of making one long post with stories, I hope to bring you 5 stories every few days (depending on what is being written) through the duration of the quarantine. It'll be easier to look at the stories in bursts rather than one long list, plus...you can get a little preview of what the story is about to see if it'll fit your taste or not.

So, without further ado, here are 5 more stories you can read right now.

Can't Objectively Vaccinate Iconic Desire - COVID 19
This fic is a great Dramione one shot, and we love Draco/Hermione stories. Draco hears Hermione having a bit of a conversation on the phone and his feelings are hurt immediately. What happens next is...well...cathartic for both of them.

Thank You Fics Round 3 (Chapter 6)
This fic is part of a set of 'thank you' fics for the author, so the story is a one-shot. It's also Avengers themed, and features a few of our favorite heroes. When Tony Stark wants to 'meet' a handsome man he sees working on a roof, he's gotta get creative. It is a quarantine, after all, so he can't just take him a glass of lemonade.

Isolation of Self
This one-shot is almost a poem of sorts. It's a short read, at fewer than 300 words, but it hits heavy - especially right now. It also makes us wish the author would dig into the idea more.

Did You Buy Toilet Paper, John?
The quarantine makes it to Baker St. when John is exposed to the Coronavirus at work and Sherlock must quarantine with him. They don't hate their time inside alone.

The Source of Light
This fic sees John working the frontlines of the Covid-19 health crisis and being separated from his loved ones. When he has a moment, he is sure to video chat with Sherlock and Rose. Is now the time to finally admit his love for Sherlock, or will he get to have that choice at all?

We hope you're all holding up okay, and that you enjoy these stories!