5 Harry Potter Coronavirus/Covid-19 Fanfiction Stories to Read During Quarantine

Ashley Marie

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In A Week
This is a story about Sirius' experience in the uncertain times we're all facing, and what emotions isolation and quarantine can bring to the surface. It also looks at how Remus helps him understand and cope with that heaviness. The author leaves a warning note that while no character contracts or dies of covid-19, there is character death and some other heavy topics. It doesn't stop the fic from being an incredible read, however. It just might stir some emotions up in you too, so read the entire warning before venturing through this story.

This fic (the first of two of the same name on this rec list) is a WIP that focuses on Dragon Pox and what that means to the wizarding world. Hermione, muggle-born, seemingly has less to worry about with this pandemic as it strikes purebloods first (and hardest) but she finds herself fighting a battle of a different kind as she's stuck in lockdown with a particular Lucius Malfoy.

Top Priority
This story sees Harry and Draco quarantined together during the outbreak of a fast-spreading virus. The two are facing what we're all facing now - fear and uncertainty. Will the two go stir crazy in quarantine or will some physical contact be just what they need to relax and de-stress?

The Dragon Pox Pandemic of 1918
When a pandemic falls upon the wizarding world, emotions run high. This fic sees Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald trying to make sense of life during the Dragon Pox pandemic, and what losses may come along with that. Gellert tries to heal Bathilda...but could he lose his life in the process, if so...what does that mean for the heart of Albus?

This story, a WIP, sees Remus and Sirius navigating life on lockdown. The virus is keeping everyone inside, so how will they keep from losing their minds? Maybe quarantine won't be so bad when you're with your best friend.
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