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  1. Ashley Marie

    HP Themed Desserts

    I'm guilty of watching every type of baking show there is and still being awful at creating anything that looks decent. I've seen tons of amazing desserts with a HP theme. Have any of you created HP themed treats? What are some of your favorites?
  2. Ashley Marie

    Harry Potter Art

    There is so much to be said about the artistic talent of many Harry Potter fans. I, for one, cannot draw to save my life. I can't paint or sculpt...but I admire those of you who can. If you've created art with a HP theme, share it with us here. You can create separate threads for different...
  3. Ashley Marie

    HP Bridal Showers

    Have you been to a bridal shower with a Harry Potter theme? We've seen amazing t-shirt designs on Etsy and cute decorations too. If you've attended a bridal shower with the Rowling magic as the inspiration, how was it?
  4. Ashley Marie

    HP Baby Showers

    A girl I went to high school with had a Harry Potter themed baby shower and it was awesome. Have any of you thrown a HP inspired baby shower? What did you do to make it perfect?
  5. Ashley Marie

    HP Birthday Parties

    Have you thrown a birthday party with a Harry Potter theme? How about had one thrown for you? Share with us what made it perfect, here. If you haven't thrown one, but would like to, how would you plan the perfect HP birthday party?
  6. Ashley Marie

    What Makes Harry Potter Cosplay Great?

    What do you think makes HP cosplay stand out from the rest? Is it the authenticity of nailing a character's look, or the spin you can put on it yourself and create something similar but strikingly different? Let's discuss.
  7. Ashley Marie

    Share Your Cosplay

    If you've got a favorite cosplay look for any HP character, share those with us here. I love great cosplay, and while I've never perfected it myself, I'd love to see what your brilliant minds have come up with!
  8. Ashley Marie


    Another issue I run into when writing fanfiction is an over-saturation of my desired topic. For instance, I LOVE Christmas, and I find myself wanting to write teeth-rottingly sweet stories this time of year, but I don't want to write something that's been read over and over. Of course, every...
  9. Ashley Marie

    Fleeting Ideas

    One of my biggest gripes with fanfiction writing is that my ideas can be so fleeting. One day I think I'll have the greatest idea for a story, the's gone. It's either an idea I couldn't flesh out enough, an idea that sounded good one day but - after sleeping on it - sounded awful, or...
  10. Ashley Marie

    Using These 8 Words - November 2019

    Create a short story using these 8 words. Bonus points if you can use the first word, first! Quota, shop, object, survey, admission, letter, eternal, ostracize
  11. Ashley Marie

    Introduction Sentences - November 2019

    Give us 3 of your best introduction sentences for any genre of fanfiction.
  12. Ashley Marie

    10-Word Story: November

    Create a story using just 10 words.
  13. Ashley Marie

    September 2019

    I wanted to revamp our writing prompts by offering more choices this time around. We'd love to seem how you use these prompts in your current works of fanfiction, or if they inspire you to write one-shots or even novella length fanfiction stories. 1. Suddenly, everything turned dark and cold...
  14. Ashley Marie

    A Brand New World by plyHarryPotter2

    A Brand New World by @plyHarryPotter2 is a bit of a mystery fic that takes readers on a journey as Harry Potter searches desperately for someone very important to him. In strange circumstances...a muggle is having visions of a fantasy world...could the two be connected? What trouble will Harry...
  15. Ashley Marie

    Grave Days by Northumbrian

    Grave Days by @Northumbrian is a look at the time immediately after the heart wrenching Battle of Hogwarts. You'll follow the characters as they work through their grief, pain, goodbyes, and as they navigate through finding a new normal.
  16. Ashley Marie

    EPIC by solmussa

    EPIC by @Solmussa is a lovely look at the last two years of the Marauders with some key moments in Rowling's universe mixed in with new storylines involving an OC. You'll find romance, drama, and some laughter within this story.
  17. Ashley Marie

    Hermione - October 2019

    Write a short story or poem (any word count) based on the following gif.
  18. Ashley Marie

    Using These 8 Words - October 2019

    Create a short story or poem using these 8 words. Bonus points if you can use the first word, first. Perfect, hibernation, fragile, crystal, seed, comfortable, eigenvector, and nasty.
  19. Ashley Marie

    Introduction Sentences - October 2019

    Give us 6 of your best introduction sentences for any genre of fanfiction.
  20. Ashley Marie

    10-Word Story: October 2019

    Create a story using just 10 words.