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    I need help coming up with some characters

    So, i'm having trouble coming up with some minor characters for a story that im writing and I would like some help with that. I was thinking that some of you guys could create a character (or a few i need a lot) using this form that I made? here's the link...
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    *slight manga poilers* so, i just finished chapter 285 of the My Hero Academia manga. and I am...

    *slight manga poilers* so, i just finished chapter 285 of the My Hero Academia manga. and I am c r y i n g ! I don't want him to d i e !
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    Suggestions for HPFF's Forum

    I don't know if this is already a thing, but a thread about Harry Potter theories. I know that i have a book dedicated to my random thoughts, but i think a thread would be cool for people who really don't want to make a whole story.
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    Who is your favourite minor character?

    honestly, Dean (don't know if he is minor enough but i really like him as a character) or Colin, absolutely amazing that kid.
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    Original Characters

    I honestly love making OC's and writing them into stories for others to enjoy. but then there's a preference of mine that i have...i really can't do any x oc or x reader fics in certain fandoms of mine, like HP or PJO, mainly because I can only ever see the characters in my mind with someone...
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    Request HP Fanfiction Stories

    can someone write a story from Neville's perspective? like, it can be throughout the seven years, i just want harry potter from Neville's perspective. Just his story. What happened when he led the resistance. What happened when he heard the egg being opened.
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    Request HP Fanfiction Stories

    I would absolutely love to do this, but i have a problem with starting a story, then starting another story and not finishing the first one. I could probably make it into a one shot you have any idea what era it could be set in (tho i mainly do marauders era)?
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    Cursed Child Discussion

    A marauders play would've been great. I would see that in a heartbeat
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    Remus Lupin

    I actaully really love Remus and during the third movie, he was like a father figure towards Harry and all of the students. Like, when he was teaching them about Boggarts, he encouraged Nevill to imagine Snape in his grandmother's clthe and that is just super fun...i don't know what else to say...
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    Finding Fanfiction

    it sounds cool, but i really don't want this site banned from my school's computer. ill look at it when im on a different computer
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    Finding Fanfiction

    Can anyone recommend me some good wolfstar fics? it really doesn't matter if its completed or not, i just want to read.
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    Divination Class

    Draco and Hermione are singing behind the ocean ??? Am I a muppet...
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    I Say: You Think...

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    Ice Breakers - July 2020

    If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play? uhhh... proabably Heroes Rising or Two Heroes (both bnha movies) and I would play an oc of mine, Ama Sasaki Which actor would you hope to be cast in a film made about your life? the entire cast of newsies and AVPM...
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    Fanfiction as a direct response to Rowling's comments on trans women

    It means transgender. Some people know that they don't fit with the gender they were assigned with at birth, so they undertake a process to correct that. i think that makes sense
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    How to promote my fanfiction?

    It is completely fine! my school has half days every day, so im used to getting out/getting home (we have a hybrid schedual) right around 12:30/1:30
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    Interesting Sorting Quiz

    I used the link actually. and when you get to the site, you would just have to click either yes, define the terms, or no lets start the test. they are in blue and bolded.
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    Hi! My name is under contruction *pansexual finger guns* but yall can call me Nyx, Books, whatever. I use they/them pronouns, and just got back into HP after a deep dive into Percy Jackson this past school year (pun intended). I am freshman rn in highschool. I am pan and gender fluid...uhh...I...