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    What should I do next?

    Hi hi! I’m having problems thinking of idea’s for my stories! If you have any ideas, please tell me!!!
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    Questions and talk ‘bout my fan fictions.

    Hi hi hi! I get stuck sometimes and I really wanna be able to hear you feedback on my stories and what you think! I really need help Rn So I’m posting a poll, please vote!
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    Writing challenges! (There will be One per time once it closes a new one will be on)

    Ok! Hi and welcome! The first challenge is : Harry Potter Marauders ship Oneshot/series. rules : -You must clearly state if it‘s a oneshot/novel -You must have at least 1 marauders ship. -You must Can‘t have your “ship” breaking up. -The Timezone can be from them teen in hogwarts to after Harry...
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    Keep updated on my remix of ‘Goblet of fire’ book/movie. The story is called ‘What if I never died?’. Make sure to check it out!

    Chapter 3 out now! small activity : Do you think they are friends? How do you think Cedric And/or Draco feels after that ‘incidnet’? disclaimer/summery : Draco and Cedric are forced to duel for school work. Will Draco finished Cedric off by taking Cedric’s wand (not killing or badly injuring)...