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    Interesting Sorting Quiz

    Ravenclaw primary Ravenclaw secondary
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    Is my tablet glitching or...

    Having same issue affecting WIP and Completed works. Weird stuff happening.
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    Lily Evans/James Potter

    It is my thought that Rowling has a double standard for her characters, and that's okay to feel one way about them because they are hers. Now that they have been released in the world, everyone has a right to like a character whether she does or not.
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    Lily Evans/James Potter

    I understand everything you are saying. But a lot of people liked Draco before Cursed Child. Just because she wrote him to be a bad guy, doesn't mean his character could not be liked or disliked by any particular reader. I just wanted to point out her double standard towards the ship. It could...
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    House: Ravenclaw Wand: Vine and Phoenix feather Patronus: Osprey
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    Harry Potter Memorabilia

    I have a fair amount of things but I wanted to commiserate about my horcrux being stolen. You guys are the only ones who will understand the loss. It was not even an expensive replica just a cheap plastic copy of the locket my sister picked up for me. It was hanging from my rear view mirror...
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    Lily Evans/James Potter

    This is a ship I don't understand from Rowling's point of view. Yes, I know they were Harry's parents. Perhaps James grew up and matured into a much better person than he was at Hogwarts. Even Harry had the decency to be ashamed of his father's actions at Hogwarts when it came to Snape. So why...