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    POV In Fanfiction

    I think maybe 1st person can be difficult to do well, because it's just too easy to get caught up in a character's thoughts vs. actually describing what's going on in the story. I've read one 1st person POV that was done extremely well, and that author made sure to keep the thought-monologue to...
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    Tips For Growth As A Writer

    From my experience writing fanfiction, the one thing that helped me grow a lot as a writer is emulating the strengths of other authors. For example, JK Rowling is a master at characterisation and plotting. Studying the stories and trying to emulate some of her strengths taught me a lot about...
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    Fanfiction Discussion

    Huh. This is brilliant! This sounds so simple I feel like an idiot for not thinking about it.
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    Fanfiction Discussion

    Thanks! It's not been a terribly long break that I've forgotten what I've learned about writing (and I have been spending this time reading good writing), and I actually have the whole thing outlined chapter-by-chapter until the end, but I've just been finding it hard to get back in the...
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    Fanfiction Discussion

    Any tips for coming back from a break?
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    I have a lot of Hermione/Snape stories to share, so strap in, and be prepared for a wild ride. All fic recs are completed unless otherwise indicated. I'm sorry I only link to FFN -- a lot of these stories are also on ao3 but there are a lot of links so for now they're all going to be FFN...
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    Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin

    It actually just finished in December! ;)
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    Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin

    Oh man, I wish I could read Debt of Time but I am not a Sirius fan. I really want to know what happens in the story, because I get the feeling that it's really good, but I can't get over how much Sirius there is in this story and I'm not fond of it when authors give Hermione nicknames based on...
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    Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin

    I ended up reading it again last night, from beginning to end, and it was very brilliantly written. I think I was expecting more angst than what I got, because it wasn't that bad when I did end up reading through it. I'm now on a Remux/Hermione reading binge again--any other recommendations? :D
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    Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin

    I had read halfway through Chemistry and Timing, and sensing impending angst, skipped to the end, so I kind of spoiled the story for myself. I think I would have enjoyed the story if I was in the mood for it--it was really well written, but I don't really enjoy angst much these days. Except when...
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    Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin

    I really enjoy reading this pairing, and my favourite fic is probably Misplaced Moony by ShayaLonnie. Teenage!Remus is just so adorable. I can't believe I haven't read Mine, Always. Great fic. They make a good couple as they're both serious, bookish characters who are usually gentle and...
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    Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

    I have to admit--I was angry for like 10 years about the fact that JKR paired Hermione with Ron, because I thought they were a bad match personality-wise. I was super unimpressed with Ron when I was younger. And then I grew older, and realised that Ron was just behaving like a teenage boy with...
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    Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

    I go pretty far from book canon. I read nothing but Remus/Hermione for a few months, and I ship Hermione with everyone from Snape to Percy to Regulus to Neville (and Draco of course) so my tastes aren't exactly what you'd call discriminate... The fun of writing a shipping fic is twisting canon...
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    New account issue (possibly)

    Hey guys, I'm using Firefox on Mac OS X. When I first signed in after creating my account, it took me to some url that was like .php=newaccount or something, and I could not get rid of the sign-up pop up. There didn't seem to be a way to close the pop-up, and clicking the areas that weren't the...
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    Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

    This was the first ship I shipped, and I still read the occasional Harmony fic but I feel like this ship was more damaged by book 7 than any of the other ships that I read, maybe because it was the only canon-possible ship that I ever shipped. I feel like the problem with this ship is that Harry...
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    Hi all, most people online refer to me as 'Legion' but I prefer Lia. I found this site from a link on reddit. I've been sorted into Ravenclaw by Pottermore but most of my favourite characters to read about are in Slytherin, though my absolute favourite character is probably Hermione. (But I am...