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  1. Charlie_Lupin

    Help with deciding on Aesthetic Look

    Hello~ I have two ideas for aesthetic looks for characters for my new book. There are the two Tell me which one you like and maybe if you want why...I'll then look back and see which one has more
  2. Charlie_Lupin

    What type of Format do you choose

    I don't know if a lot of people know the difference between the formats that you can choose for the FF you want to write The following are: One-Shots Short Story Novella Novel Short Story Collection Song Fic One-Shots: A series of events that jsut happen with one or more characters and...
  3. Charlie_Lupin

    Do you need a Graphic/Cover made?

    Hello peeps. I have been looking around on this site and realized a lot of people want graphics. I have been trying to do graphics at the moment, so if anyone has any graphics/cover requests, I could try and see what you are looking for. I can make up to 3 of each to see which one you like the...