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  1. Kamiccola


    I'm curious what wordcount your software uses. My 2,628-word chapter is recorded on your site as 3,003. I'm not saying this as a complaint. I really don't care, but it seems excessive, so I thought I'd make you aware it's happening. I get it that some programs differ in how they count...
  2. Kamiccola


    As part of writing my epic fanfic, I developed a backstory of the antagonist. The story was so cool, I decided to turn it into a book. I wholeheartedly recommend to do it this way, btw. Writing the full story allowed me to spot plot holes and shed light on opportunities I wouldn’t have thought...
  3. Kamiccola

    Strange word count on an empty chapter

    Not a big deal but you might want to know. Something went wrong when saving the chapter of my story and it showed the story as having 50,259 words. When I clicked on it, the chapter was blank (didn't save). I pasted the content again and it saved with no issues. Now it shows correct word...
  4. Kamiccola

    The Bio on the main site

    There appears to be a mysterious word limit on the Bio text box. But it doesn't tell you what the word limit is or if you've gone over it. It just cuts off the extra text after you hit Save. Pretty frustrating.
  5. Kamiccola

    Media button - I want to be able to use gifs, please

    I tried out a media button today and it doesn't seem to work correctly. It was a link from giphy. I tried by pasting a link (which inserted the media code) and by actually using the media option (which resulted in the same code). It comes up blank (it looks the same in preview and live)...
  6. Kamiccola

    NaNoWriMo 2019 - November Challenge

    November is National Novel Writing Month and many take on the challenge to write 50,000 words during that time. This will be my first NaNo. I'm prepping two books for it. One is an HP book (Book 2 of The New Order of Merlin - I'm posting chapters of Book 1 here regularly). The other is a book...
  7. Kamiccola

    Banner Best Practices

    I figured I’ll start a thread on this since there's a lot of uncertainty/questions around graphics. Until HPFF releases the book cover feature, we can embed web banners into our story descriptions to add a little extra to our stories and hopefully attract more readers. What size banner works...
  8. Kamiccola

    Can't log in to the forums on mobile

    I noticed this when accessing the site on my iPhone. I can't log in. I type in the password, hit the button and the page reloads - with me still not logged in. No error message is given. BUT if I log in on the main page (with the stories) and then hit the button to go to the forums - I'm logged...
  9. Kamiccola

    Alerts - make the link easier

    I noticed this when on the mobile site (forum). I had a lot of alerts and clicked “Show all.” It seemed like I couldn’t click on the alert to go to the corresponding thread. My first reaction was ”This doesn't work.” Later, I figured out that the thread name is a link so it works if I tap on...
  10. Kamiccola

    Unanswered reviews when not logged in

    I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but I clicked on Unanswered Reviews when I wasn't logged in and got 683,791 results. Apparently, lots of stories get reviews. I'll be in the corner, trying to not take it personally.
  11. Kamiccola

    Publish date of chapter drafts

    So here's what I've noticed - if you create a draft, meaning to publish it later, it saves the date when it's created, not when it's published. Why that is a problem - this means that I can't create drafts and slowly publish them (in order to stay higher on the default search results). So, this...