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  1. Tommy Potterhead

    When is your special day?

  2. Tommy Potterhead

    How Did You Discover HPFF?

    I stumbled on HPFF just a few short months ago while I was searching for new fan fics to read and a place to show my own. Since I only really read and write just HP HPFF was the perfect place!
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  4. Tommy Potterhead

    When is your special day?

    That's cool.
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    NSFW Fanfiction

    Personally I think the hardest part of writing the scene is always coming up with creative ways to write it without being vulgar. Phrases like "She reached down and felt his excitement grow." or "He felt her wetness" come to mind. I really try to be tasteful when writing the"smut" scenes.
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    Tips & Tricks To Escape Writer's Block

    These are such great tips to keep being creative!! THANK YOU!!!
  7. Tommy Potterhead

    When is your special day?

    My b-day is January 11.
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    Hi! I'm Tommy. I've been a Harry Potter fan since about 2001 when I saw the first film with my children. Since then we've all read and reread the books and seen all the films countless times. I started writing fan fiction close to 10 years ago. I started doing it just to have something to do...