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  1. Mandrake Scamander

    My first-person fic

    Cedric...My Older brother....My dead. Dumbledore said V....Voldemort Killed him. And now I'm alone and everyone acts as if I'm about to explode. I heard the full story directly from Potter. A bloody Spare?! My brother was killed just because he was there! And now he's gone. my parents...
  2. Mandrake Scamander

    Teddy Lupin & Bowen (Mandrake) Scamander's Car

    Teddy and Bowen like to talk about their famous families. do you (or your OC) have famous family? Tell them all about it!
  3. Mandrake Scamander

    Wand Lore

    What is everyone's favorite Wand in all of the Wizarding World?
  4. Mandrake Scamander

    Cedric Diggory

    Hufflepuff, Seeker, Captain, Prefect, Friend, Son, Cho's boyfriend and Tri-Wizard Champion. Cedric was all of that. More importantly he was the "First Shot" of the second wizard war. His death was devastating for so many. More than anything, his death marked an "End of Innocence" for Harry. It...
  5. Mandrake Scamander

    Common Rooms

    What is the criteria for gaining entry into a Common Room?