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  • Yer a wizard!
    Welcome to HPFF!
    YAS! I can't wait to read another member's stories!

    Are you a Gryffindor? If you are, welcome to our house!

    In forums, you can join a house and there is a chat which is like a common room. I like your username! Haha, Quizzard :)

    Glad that another Potterhead is joining HPFF!

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    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.:)

    I’d like to welcome you to the magical place known as forums. I do hope you enjoy everything this place has to offer. If you need anything you can ask our Headmistress @Ashley Marie, one of our community members, or the Welcoming Committee (@Bookpanda12, @personwithnoname and @Bella_Marauder12)

    Anyway moving on there is literally everything on here. From choosing a house to threads about literally everything.

    We have role-play threads. We have threads regarding other fandoms. If you’re a fan of Other fandoms many people come to mind. @Pomona Nymphadora Scamander And @Echo_Slytherclaw are just a few to go to :D. If you want someone to just talk to there are a bunch of people that come to mind, @Willow WandLeaf @HufflePaw, @Hufflepuff4Ever and @TheRavenpuffPoet are just a few. Other than role play and fandom there are threads for like everything. If you have something you want to share with the community you can create a thread as well.

    Now your profile is a way of sharing anything and everything you want to share. You can update your status telling people about your next chapter update, or about a new book your reading. You can also personalize your profile settings to your liking, as well as make your own signature.:giggle:

    So I do hope you enjoy this wonderful site. Our community members are so wonderful so aside from the people I mentioned there are tons of others you can go to if you need anything.

    Wow, when did I become so…informative, sorry if this was a bit long. Anyway enjoy the forums

    Peace Out,
    Bienvenue, welcome!

    I’m glad that another member has joined this magnifique (magnificent) community.

    You can join a house (Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff) here. ("The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts." -Professor McGonagall). Each house has a group forum, things to discuss (get-to-know-you questions), and more.

    You can introduce yourself here ("And my name’s Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." -Draco Malfoy).

    If you’re writing a story, you can popularize it and get tips/help here.

    An artist? No need to worry, here’s a place for you to share your work. You can also talk about art things there too.

    If you’re bored or just want to play a game, you can join in on a game or make your own game here.

    Here’s a place if you want to role-play, or start one. It’s really fun.

    And here is where you can personalize your account, change the settings, etc.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message The Welcoming Committee (@Bookpanda12 (me) (make sure it isn’t ‘Bookpanda13’) @personwithnoname, and @Bella_Marauder12) or Ashley Marie, the Headmistress. You can also message Ronnie Deaver, the HPFF (Harry Potter Fanfiction) Logistical CoFounder. If you have a question that you want everyone to see, you can post it here.

    I hope you like it here, I know I do. Sorry that it’s long, there’s just so much to do here! :)

    Au revoir,


    ❝I'm going to bed before either of you think up of a clever idea to get us killed. Or worse, expelled!❞ ―Hermione Granger
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