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  • Late with the update as I've been extremely busy with real life. Anyway...

    First off, although this seems like a strange story to post on a fan site dedicated to the Harry Potter fandom, but don't you agree that bringing the two of the greatest British fictional world together would be such an awesome, cool idea? The Curse of the Black Diamond is a result of a crossover between the Sherlock TV series with Harry Potter. What kind of magical case awaits the beloved crime-solving pair of 221B Baker Street and another pair of oddballs from the wizarding world? Click here to find out!

    Next, a new oneshot is up in the anthology collection! "Goodbye, My Love" focuses on the last moment of a wizened Arthur and Molly together at the Burrow, now emptied of the children who have grown up and moved out of the house. Warning: better prepare yourself with tissues for the feels. Check here to read more.
    New oneshot fanfic is up! "Summer Daze" is set after the Battle of Hogwarts, featuring Ron Weasley trapped in a time loop he cannot escape from. For those who like suspenseful horror stories with surrealism and experimental fun of combining poetry with prose, don't miss it! Check it out here in the latest chapter of the collection, A Series of Unrelated Events: The Anthology.

    I just wanted to take a moment to officially welcome you to our forum. Thank you so much for joining us! I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the forum and make all of our users feel at home here, so please feel free to share any ideas and suggestions you may have. I’m looking forward to growing this forum and community with you.

    See you around soon.
    - Ashley
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