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  • @SunnieSkylar123 is home. She's not doing great. She thankfully was getting IV fluids, apparantly she was really dehydrated. She may or may not be online today, I dunno for sure, but I thought I should say something because this morning I shared a post thinking she was going. So yeah! I'm glad she's back. :) Right now she's on the bottom bunk watching YouTube Harry Potter Puppet Pals, so she is a bit better than earlier this morning.

    Thanks for being so kind to her!

    This is Lexi, @SunnieSkylar123 is going to the hospital right now. Jasper and I are in charge of all our siblings. Please please please wish her luck and pray or dream for her. I’m scared. What if this is the end? I refuse to think that, she’s probably needing IV fluids cuz she can’t keep anything down for more than 5 minutes. That’s probably it, but still I’m worried.

    I'm back on and just wanted to say thank you to all who have shown me love and support throughout this hard time in my life. I feel that I'm getting worse, and that one of these days I won't be getting online anymore, and then I'll be gone. I decided I will say this now.

    It's a strange thing to accept I'm dying at such a young age. I never imagined that I would've gotten cancer, that I would die at the mere age of thirteen. I always invisioned my future, finding true love, having kids, becoming a successful author. But nope. I got this instead. I want it so bad, it hurts. Like my heart was ripped out of my body.

    That's the thing about having a life. It's precious, and unpredictable. Each day is a gift, not a curse, so live it to the fullest.

    I've heard many people complain about how hard chores and going to school is. Honestly, it's harder not to be able to do those things. So be grateful for what you have.

    Be grateful for each day you have, with or without pain. Even for the days you're ill, or injured, that will go away. Life threatening diseases such as cancer rarely do.

    I have been able to find joy in giving what I can. I try to help in any possible way. So many people have helped me, whether it was my grandma knitting me a hat to hide my baldness when going through chemo or surguries I've recieved or even the smiles I've gotten. You never know how what you do could affect someone else for the rest of their life. And it helps you feel better about yourself too.

    Value every moment you have, you never know when it might be taken from you. Value the moments you have with your friends and family. Instead of mourning for yourself, enjoy time with them. You will be a lot happier in the long run, and so will they. They'll treasure memories of you when you're gone or vice versa.

    Try enjoying the moment, rather than thinking about the past or future. Enjoyed moments are priceless. If only I'd learned that sooner. Live in the moment, the photo doesn't have to be perfect. Nothing is. Enjoy the time while you have it.

    Listen to music and dance like nobody's watching.

    Cuddle your pets. That's something I will miss.

    Talk to your friends, put down the phone, or pick it up, are they doing okay?

    Work to live, don't live to work.

    Eat all the cake you want without any guilt.

    Don't feel pressured to do things you don't want to do. Some people want low-key lives others big extravagent lives. You do you.

    Tell the people you love you love them while you can.

    If something is making you miserable, you have the ability to change it. You don't have to do anything that makes you sad, do things that make you happy. If you lost a loved one, know that they loved you and that they still do.

    Try and do good for humanity and just overall the world. Pick up that candy wrapper, put away that cellphone and do something good for someone else. I know that it will make you and many others happier in the long run.

    I know I haven't known you for long, and that's okay. You still have been some of the best friends I've had in my entire life. I've been isolated in my house for many months now, only being allowed to leave for hospital and doctors office trips. Talking to you and getting to know you online has been one of the best experiences I've had in a long time.

    When I die, I don't want any of you to be upset. I want you to be happy. Forget about me, there's no need to remember me. I was just someone here for a brief period of time. I love you all, and don't want anyone to be sad when I suddenly stop coming on.

    You've given me confidence and hope for the last few weeks/days/months of my life. You've been able to make it better for me. I'm eternally grateful for that. You've made me feel loved, cared about, and important. Thanks for that. You don't know how much it means to me.

    Many people on here are going through their own trials. Know that I love you, and that you are important. I want you to know that, things will eventually turn out, if not in this life, if there's an afterlife, in the afterlife. I love you all and want you all to be happy.

    Thanks. You mean a lot to me. Keep being that amazing, crazy, and fun potterhead you are. Don't let anyone judge you for it. I love you all.

    I know I may be on for a while longer, or for a short time, but I felt I should get this done so I don't run out of time to thank y'all.

    I posted a thread saying,

    "Alright, I posted a thread and asked if I could talk to any of you. I’ve officially decided that none of you will be rude or anything and that I trust you with this information. Some of you may know, others may not but I’ve decided to share it with everyone. I’m terrified and some days are worse than others and I may not be on every day because......

    I’m not going to go into much detail but I have stage 4 cancer. I could die any day. I’m really scared. I don’t want to tell my family that I’m terrified, it’s a lot for them to have to deal with my cancer already. I don’t want to die. I’m only 13... There’s so much I haven’t done. This feels a bit better, letting everyone know.

    Also, now my family will know that but also the fact I’ve discovered I’m bi. Lexi now will know if she reads this. I’m now the only person in my fam who’s LGBTQ+ now.

    Thanks for not judging, I’m seriously in a horrid place in life and I’m lucky to have great friends like you. I don’t deserve you all.


    This is on the thread" I've Got To Spill My Guts Out So Here It Is" if anyone was wondering. So please don't judge, this was terrifying to share.
    It’s depressingly quiet on here..... it’s eerie and boring without everyone... COME BACK PLZ
    I just posted another chapter of Serenade in the Storm is up :)
    Also I’m going AFW I have.... stuff..... that doesn’t seem like a fitting word.... I have things to do.... not fitting either but it’ll do :)
    Have you ever just woken up and glanced at your phone to realize you had 600 messages from the same person and on a group chat nearly 1000 messages from like 2 am?!?! I’m shocked!
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