OMG! No way! You are on my profile!
Here are a few things that you should know about me:
  • I love Harry Potter (obviously).
  • I love writing (that’s kinda obvious too).
  • My OTP is Scorose.
  • I LOVE Next Gen stories.
  • I can’t write just one story at a time, please excuse my three visible WIPs and four ish that I’m thinking about.
  • I love books (so much so that I tend to guess the big plot twists at the beginning of a book).
  • I love Marvel especially Black Panther (RIP Chadwick Boseman).
  • My favourite Hp chapters are Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Cedric Diggory.
  • I am a Weasley.
That should be enough, don’t you think?
Ciao X

P.S. If you need graphics, be it a signature, a story cover, a banner or chapter titles please let me know as graphic design is my hobby and I love a chance to improve!


Signature by me:

Look out for my upcoming story
I will be putting much more time and effort into this project than I have done previously for other stories, so please, if you liked my others, check it out!
Even if you haven’t read anything by me, I would love it if you did.
Hope to hear from you soon X​



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