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The Dark Lord has fallen. Justice must be brought to those who served him. The Order of the Phoenix are determined to help build a better world, but many Death Eaters are still at large - and wizarding Britain could soon face an even graver threat.

In this multi-perspective imagining of the events immediately following The Deathly Hallows, we see Harry's point-of-view as he immediately joins Kingsley Shacklebolt's Ministry of Magic, who bid to hunt down the Death Eaters who have evaded capture following the final battle. The Dark Lord's men are the most wanted fugitives in the entire world, but if they won't go down without a fight then what price will Gawain Robards' Department of Magical Law Enforcement have to pay to bring them to justice?

Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione travel to Australia to find her parents, although will our young-lovers find more than they bargained for in the land down under?

The past has a habit of repeating itself and many a lesson may be learned from the story of Andromeda Tonks. The story follows her attempt to raise her grandson Teddy, whilst also looking back at her past, from pure-blood daughter of The noble House of Black to blood-traitor wife of the muggle-born Ted Tonks.

Hestia Jones spent much of the war in hiding with Dedalus Diggle protecting the Dursley family, but now the war is over and thanks to Kingsley Shacklebolt she has her dream-job of Head Obliviator. It is an unenviable task to clean up the mess that You Know Who's followers and government have left behind, as Hestia comes to terms with the fact that it is now an uphill battle to keep magic secret from the muggles.

The war was not easy for muggle-borns and none more so than Dean Thomas, who spent even longer of it on the run than our heroic trio. What exactly was Dean up to during the war though, - and how exactly did he wind up meeting Ted Tonks and end up trying to bust a Death Eater smuggling ring? He juggles his memories of the past with a part-time job at the Ministry and a final year of studying at a very different post-war Hogwarts.

Finally, perhaps the most unlikely protagonist of them all...

Percy Weasley is wrenched with guilt following the final battle. It should have been him who died, not Fred. To help take his mind off his guilt and grief he signs up to a mission to travel the world on a recruitment mission, as Kingsley looks for talented witches and wizards with British ties to come home and help rebuild their country. The former Head Boy has an added personal motive for the mission, as he looks to win back the love of his life the muggle-born Penelope Clearwater, who left to work for the MACUSA in New York shortly before the war. Percy is desperate to win her back and take her home, but he ends up stumbling upon a secret that is so dangerous it could change the entire face of the wizarding world as we know it...



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