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    Stressed, causing Writer's Block

    I've been where you are @RDeHwyl. I'm not in that zone right now (I actually have been more productive at writing than ever - getting through four new chapters in the last few days.) But I know it will only be a matter of time before I'm back into a rut. What I've found for myself when I'm...
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    You Deserve a Round of Applause

    I've started reading RDeHwyl's Philtre of Promise and I plan on looking into the five stories that Ashley posted here. As for writing, I've posted the first three chapters of my next story 'The Prophecy'. Lots of time to read and write not that we're not going anywhere...
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    Share Your Work

    Story Title: The Fifth House Ships: None (Jeez, they're only 12!) Genre: Mystery, Action/Adventure, Young Adult Advisory: Mild violence Link(s): The Fifth House on Rating: 12+ | Chapters: 29 | Words: 96,153 (Yes, I know...) | Reviews: 62 | Characters: All original...
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    Why didit Dumbledore just not send muggle borns home?.

    Perhaps because Dumbledore believed it wouldn't have mattered. If he sent the muggle-borns home, the monster would just have attacked others who didn't meet Salazar Slytherin's ideal (Hagrid? Filch?) or would have gone after those who were simply less than pure blood. Salazar would only have...
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    read read read Ravenclaws

    Just hover over their links in my email above and click on the 'start conversation' box. Or you can go to the forum post here: and ask for a review.
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    Assuming chapter one gets them to the point where they have the map...but don't know how to...

    Assuming chapter one gets them to the point where they have the map...but don't know how to activate it, Chapter 2 could be about them trying to guess the password, getting insulted by the map, trying to figure out who padfoot, prongs, moony, etc. are and eventually (accidentally perhaps) using...
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    read read read Ravenclaws

    A quick note on my review (posted now). Giving criticism is easy; anyone can get online and post what they think about anything. Receiving criticism on the other hand is very difficult. Putting something that you created – that you have an emotional attachment to – out there to be poked and...
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    read read read Ravenclaws

    Perfect. Send me a link and I'll start tonight. What feedback are you looking for specifically: do you want me to make editorial changes (detailed), review specific parts of the story (dialogue, setting, etc.) or just provide a general overview?
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    read read read Ravenclaws

    As a 'puff, I'm barging uninvited into your train compartment. What story of yours would you like me to read?
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    The Sorting Hat

    Ameripuff. If I was chosen at Ilvermorny, the Pukwudgie would have raised his arrow, but I'm content with the yellow and black badger.
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    Drew here - an 'Ameripuff'. I was active writing on this site about 5 years ago, but disappeared when the forums went dark in 2016. Glad to see it back up and running. I started writing after I had read the entire HP series to my daughter. Once I was done, I thought to myself, "Hey self...