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    My first-person fic

    Cedric...My Older brother....My dead. Dumbledore said V....Voldemort Killed him. And now I'm alone and everyone acts as if I'm about to explode. I heard the full story directly from Potter. A bloody Spare?! My brother was killed just because he was there! And now he's gone. my parents...
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    FFRP Anyone?

    My other OC is Name : Adam Diggory Age : 2 years younger than his brother Cedric Appearence: 5'8" , Slim, dark hair and eyes. Not quite as overtly handsome as his brother House: Hufflepuff Skills: Herbology, Potions, Ancient Runes, became House Seeker following his brother's death. Broom: his...
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    Answer These Questions to prove your a real Harry Potter fan!

    the remembrall smoke turned red when you forgot something.
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    FFRP Anyone?

    Theme Song: Demons by Imagine Dragons or Crazy Knights by KISS
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    FFRP Anyone?

    Name: Bowen Mandrake Scamander Age/Year: depends on the story Appearence: built like Theseus but resembles Leta Skills: Herbology, Potions, Care and Charms, Fair Keeper, soft spoken Weaknesses: shy, withdrawn at first, has trouble with social cues at times Magic: had bouts of accidental magic...
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    Teddy Lupin & Bowen (Mandrake) Scamander's Car

    Teddy and Bowen like to talk about their famous families. do you (or your OC) have famous family? Tell them all about it!
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    welcome Fellow Hufflepuff!!!!
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    Interesting Sorting Quiz

    My girlfriend is a Ravenclaw
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    Interesting Sorting Quiz

    Puff primary, Claw secondary
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    Thanks Ronnie!

    Thanks Ronnie!
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    Cedric Diggory

    That is very true
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    Cedric Diggory

    While Cedric is pretty high up there, I'd have to say Tonks is my favorite Hufflepuff. I'm most like Newt though.
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    Cedric Diggory

    I do have many characteristics of a Ravenclaw, and my girlfriend is a Ravenclaw but I'm Hufflepuff all the way!